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Help Seeing Doctor Today

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Old 03-14-2006, 04:42 AM   #1
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charandray HB User
Help Seeing Doctor Today

Hi there,

I am going to see my gynocologist this afternoon because I am pretty sure that something is wrong with me. I have been having pain in my abdomen, my lower back on the right side, my bowel movements are not normal plus I noticed in blood in them about 2 weeks ago but not again since. I have also been having my period about every 2 weeks since about October, among other things. I have been reading alot of these threads and I have quite a few symptoms that are the same as some people have been diagnosed with cancer. I am afraid that my doctor wont take me seriously. Is there anything I can ask for, as in tests? And how long will it take before I know what's wrong. I am also scheduled for blood work and I have to bring in my stool samles tomorrow. Sorry if I am rambling but I really dont know much about cancer or anything. I am really scared I have been unable to sleep because I stay up all night crying. My biggest fear is that I wont be taken seriously and whatever I have gets worse. Can anyone help me?


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Old 03-14-2006, 07:26 AM   #2
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peacecircle HB User
Re: Help Seeing Doctor Today

Hi Chandaray, do let us know how it goes with the doctor. It sounds as if they are going to do a good work up which is encouraging. It is easy to research on the boards and internet generally and come to the conclusion that one has cancer, but until you are examined thoroughly, you cannot be sure of that. There are other possible causes for your symptoms, so hang on that thought until you know for sure what the diagnosis is. Make sure you make the doctor aware of all your symptoms...writing a list helps....and express your concerns. Sometimes we come out of the doctor's office so relieved to know we are OK and then remember something we forgot to tell him/her....and then start worrying all over again!

Take care,

Old 03-14-2006, 08:46 AM   #3
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pams37 HB User
Re: Help Seeing Doctor Today

Ohh I know exactly what you are going through.
Word of advice.
I'm finally coming close to being diagnoised.
I have had problems since July/05
Now tomorrow I go to see my hormone doctor and she will tell me what the blood results said,what was elevated or high.
Right now my family and doctors think I'm losing it and going crazzy.
I have been tellling every-one how much pain I'm in and how I feeel like I'm being ripped apart.
But because the pathetic ultrasounds do not find any-thing(they are not looking in the right place or spot)
But I need to talk to the doctor tomorrow to seee if I can get CT scan as soon as possible.
2 weeks ago she got the blood results back and booked a CT scan(but the darn thing is not until midddle of JUNE)
I can not wait that long.
You are lucky you are seeeing your gyn.
Can you beleive since like Jan my family doctor boooked me an appointment with my gyn.
But I can not get in until 1 week before Easter.
I'm reallly upset with my gyn(what reallly pisses me offf is this doctor even delivered my 2 children)he's gyn plus obst.
I wrote 3 letters to him telling him my groin is swellled(since Sept)with discharge but it does not hurt or itch or any-thing.
At first groin was swellling more and more(getting bigger and bigger)but now it stoped getting big but swellling is stilll there.
But this doctor stilll did not want to see me until April.
If I go to the hospital these doctors do nothing.They just telll you to go and seee your family doctor or telll you they see nothing wrong with you.
So then I asked my family doctor if he could boook me an appointment to go and see a hormone doctor.
He did not beleve me that I might have a hormone problem.
I told him back in 1990(I was 20 years old then)I told him how I had tooo many male hormones elevated and cortisol elevated.
But he said ok that he would boook me in and don't be surprised if you don't get in right away.
A week later I was in.
He told me it would take a month or 2 to get in.In one week I was in.
The lady was so nice and understanding.
She was upset that nooo one has watched over my uterus or body since 1990
She said when you have a hormonal imbalance(I told her they said back then I had PCOS)
She told me that when you have that,it does not go away.
She also could not bleieve how I got pregnant 2 times pretty fast.
But I think I got pregnant fast becuase I was on birth control pills(when they told me I had imbalance)
I stayed on birth control pillls until I wanted to get pregnant,
Now I definately can not get pregnant.I have not ovulated since July/05
I get my period,but not ovulating.
Anyways good luck to you tomorrow.
I will let you know what happened to me for tomorrrow.
I go see her tomorrow morning at 10am.
Then I willl keep you alll updated.
Rememeber do not give up.
If you are in pain(I beleive you)the worse part about being in pain is when nooo one beleives you.
I do not want pittty or people feeling sorry for me(my family and doctors)
Alll I want is understanding.
I want them to understand that I'm doing the best I can.
It's so hard taking care of your children when you are not feeeling goood.
I have no energy.They want me to take them here and there.
It's hard.I just want to sleep.
My children are 7 and 4
My boy just turned 7 in Jan and my daughter willl be 4 in April.
Ok every-one take care and I promise I willll keep you alll updated.
Love always Pamela

Old 03-15-2006, 05:14 AM   #4
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charandray HB User
Re: Help Seeing Doctor Today

Hi Guys,

Thank You so much for your reply. My doctor took some blood samples and he will be checking for ovarian cancer and bowel cancer. However he did say the blood tests only find cancer about 50% of the time. He did a PAP and did not find anything abnormal so thats good. I am scheduled for some more blood tests this afternoon ( my family doctor is sending me this time) and hopefully all we come back ok. But one thing that scares me is kind of what you said Pamela, if all comes back ok, then what do I have. I am not imagining all these sypmtoms. Like the fevers, chills, nausea, pain. I want them to find something,just nothing serious.
Yes, please let me know how it goes with you today.

Take care and thank you very much,

Old 03-15-2006, 03:05 PM   #5
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peacecircle HB User
Re: Help Seeing Doctor Today

Hi, you doctor is right in explaining the limitations of blood tests. He may need to order an ultrasound and/or colonoscopy. Maybe he does not want to rush things! I am in a similar situation in that I have had the blood tests and ultrasound and still have discomfort in my left pelvic area even though nothing serious turned up. I do have a slightly enlarged ovary on that side and tenderness around it. I am going back to the doctor soon as I feel like you know something is not right even tho you are being told everything is OK!!

Old 03-16-2006, 08:41 AM   #6
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Location: From Canada
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pams37 HB User
Re: Help Seeing Doctor Today

Helllo every-one,
yes I think we are allll sick of hearing the same thing.
Mean while you feeel the darn pain.
I'm so sick of this.
Us ladies have to suffer before some-one actually beleives you.
That's why I hate when things go wrong in Pelvic area.
Ok so I did go to my hormone doctor to see what they found or what was elevated.
I'm so pissssed.
Of course they said nothing was elevated.
I guess you could say I was not surprised to hear this.
But she did say that my Estrogen was low(Estrodiol)she said that was very very low.
She asked me if I have been ovulating.I told her nooo.
But I told her that I stilll get my period but it's so bad where in one day I go through like 7-10 pads(just in one day.)
But I only get my period for 3 days.So since I guess Sept it's beeen very very heavy.
She told me that because my estrodiol is so low I should not bleeed at alll(OKKKK)
Welll I do(every 28 days I get it)but it's only for 3 days.
Ok so my cortisol(I did AM/PM)blood work.
It was normal(as usualll)mean while I have alll the markings for Cushing's disease.
Ohhh then she wanted to know if I have Straie marks on me.
(stretch marks)I said yeah,it's alll over my abdomen and breasts and thighs and down my legs.
So as usuallll these doctors always have some-thing negative to say.
She told me those are not Cushing's marks.Only becuase my marks were WHITE.
She said usually they are red(they were red when it first showed on my body)but I have had every-thing happen to me like since Sept.
So then eventually it went white.
But I read on cushing's sites that white is what it could be tooo(I give up man)
I hate feeeling like crappp.I want to get better.
I always feeel like ok I am gettting close to finding out,closer and closer.
Then this happens and now I feeel I'm back to where I started from(NOWHERE)
Plus since Sept I always felt there was some-thing in my left rib.
I stilll feeel the darn pain,.
I'm hoping CT scan willl see what's on rib(but that's not until like June)
I guess I can wait another 3 months(I mean I've beeen in pain since like Sept)what's another 3 months.
Ohh then when I was talking with the doctor she told me lets now concentrate on your Pelvis.
Ok I have beeeeen since Sept but darn people who do ultrasounds where not doing it right or did not find any-thing,.
So basicallly alll my hormones are normal.This does not make sense to me.
But now I need to do the 24hrs urine test for Free Cortisol.
I can't give up.I heard that blood work is not very acurate for cushing's but I know urine test does.
I told her I'm going to the washrooom alll day.
I know it's not diabetes(I can't spelll it right)
She asked me if I crave water.I don't.
I drink water but not as much as I let out.
So then I told her how I can't stop going like since Sept and she said welll then you would be very skinny.
I told her welll when this alll started happening(back in July)I lost 30 pounds.
I thought it was fat I lost.It was not.
I think it was nutrients that I'm losing.
The more I go to the washroom the weaker I feeel and get.
But meanwhile the doctors keep saying I'm ok and I'm not anemic.
But there are days when I can't get out of bed.I could sleep alll day.
Ok every-one take care.
I hope you alll get better.
Now I guess I need to wait to see my gyn(1 weeek before Easter)
Maybe just maybe he willl get me in for CT scan before June(I honestly hope so)
I'm trying to get better so I can take care of my beautiful children.
See ya allll.
Love always Pamela

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