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~sunny~ 01-17-2007 10:04 PM

No Period after LEEP
I went to the dr today and wanted to post this information as it is said to be a rare side effect of LEEP....

I went in today for my 2nd pap post Leep (the 1st pap was normal). Since the leep and the normal pap we decided to TTC. We stopped the depo birth control and went to the patch for 4 weeks to hopefully get my cycles back to normal....but no period. So today I mentioned that I had been off birth control since Oct with no period or no pregnancy. My doc mentioned a rare side effect from the leep is scar tissue closing the cervix. She said she would take a look during the pap to confirm it was open. She was unable to visualize the opening. She then attempted to move the cervix a bit to see the opening, but still could not see it. I think she attempted to use an cervical dilator, still no success. She then requested a nurse bring in the smallest dilator, nothing. Mind you this was very painful, worse then the colpo or the LEEP, it made me nauseous & sweatly. She continued to probe until the tissue gave way with a [email protected] Needless to say the cervix was definately closed, an explaination for no period and no pregnancy.

In my internet research I found very little on the subject other then it is a rare occurance. Not having a period due to a structural issues usually causes sometime of pain/bloating during your period since the bleeding is not expelled. That was not the case with me. I would occasionally have cramping like I should start my period and just never did.

Maybe I'm the 1%. I'm glad she thought of it and checked. I just wanted to put the information out in hopes that it can help someone else.

Skyye 01-18-2007 06:24 AM

Re: No Period after LEEP
Thanks for the info! I hate to you had to go thru all of that as it sounds very painful :(

I just had a colpo on 12/26 and LEEP 12/27. My period was due Jan 6th but hasn't showed yet. I'm always on time but I've blamed it on the procedures & stress of it all. I'll definitely keep this in mind should it not show for quite sometime.

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