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ebon_aurora 05-21-2007 11:53 AM

Colposcopy and watery discharge?
For those of you here that have had a colposcopy, did you experience a very watery discharge in the days following the procedure? I tried doing some research on the matter and the only thing I can find is that LEEP causes a watery discharge. So, is this normal? I'm getting worried that the colpo only made my bacterial vaginosis worse (I have a pretty resistant strain, it seems. I'm on my third round of antibiotics to knock this stuff out). :'( I'm leaking brown water all in my underwear. I know the brown is from the chunks of flesh he took but I'm afraid the watery discharge is a result of the colpo worsening my bv. I also was wondering when I'm going to stop smelling. Its been three days and I still smell very strongly of iodine.

FibiGrey 05-21-2007 05:13 PM

Re: Colposcopy and watery discharge?
I got an intense BV after I had my leep procedure, and it sounds like what you have. I had watery brown discharge that had a foul odor to it. I had to wear pantiliners until the antibiotics kicked in... I'd go get it checked out to make sure the BV isn't worse

ebon_aurora 05-21-2007 05:18 PM

Re: Colposcopy and watery discharge?
Did you clear the bv for good though? Or are you a constant sufferer like so many women out there are? What antibiotics were you given? I just started a 14 day course of Flagyl.

[Edit] It turns out that my watery discharge probably wasn't discharge at all. Its been three days since my colpo and it turns out that I am bleeding! I called the doctor and he told me that if its bright red (it is, which is exactly why I called in the first place) and it hasn't stopped by tomorrow, to come in and they'll have to "retreat" me. God...I hate my vagina.

FibiGrey 05-21-2007 06:07 PM

Re: Colposcopy and watery discharge?
i cleared the BV.. I dont get BV very often, I've only had it a few times ever.. I got something at planned parent hood that started with an M..i forget what it was..It was only a 7 day treatment..

good luck with the discharge..hopefully it works out okay.

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