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  • Am I at risk for cervical cancer?

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    Old 07-13-2007, 02:47 AM   #1
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    Am I at risk for cervical cancer?

    Hello all,
    I would greatly appreciate some advice here...

    First I'll start with some history..
    Three years ago I had a miscarriage. I bled for 3 months straight, and went to the doctors to complain, so they sent me to get a ultra sound, and everything came back fine, and a few days later the bleeding stopped. A couple months later I found out I had chlamydia, and when I found out I had my miscarriage I was not tested for stds. So theirs a slight possibility I had chlamydia when i was pregnant. I was then treated, and put on a birth control pill (which i did not like at all). I went off the birth control pill after 3 weeks, and about six months later my periods became somewhat normal again.

    Since then I've had around 5 urinary tract infections, and 2 bladder infections.

    A year and a half ago I started getting morning sickness, and it still occurs to this day. I ignored it at first thinking maybe it was because my body couldn't handle not eating over night. However, Its so bad now that I have to force myself to eat breakfast, and most times I do not eat at all in the mornings.

    My periods have been abnormal again since august or so of last year. I'll get them for weeks even months at a time, with maybe a week or two break inbetween. They are heavier than they use to be, and I get a lot of blood clots I never use to get. A few times the blood clots came out dry, and very sticky.

    In October of 06, I went to the doctor, he told me yet again I had another urinary tract infection. He also did a pap smear, and 2 weeks later i found out that my tests came back abnormal. The doctor said that I had a typical glandular cells, and that It was nothing serious to worry about, and for me to come back in 6 months for a follow up pap. I was also put on medication(flagyl) to treat my urinary tract infection. My periods were still abnormal but because I was already sick and tired of going to the doctors over and over again I just ignored it.

    Until Christmas night..i went to the emergency, because I had a lump growing on the outside of my labia that had grew to the size of a grape in 2 weeks. Not to mention it was so sore i could barely sit. I was freaking out because obviously I had no idea what it was, and was concerned I may have had herpes or genital warts. I went in, and found out that it had been a infected Bartholin gland cyst. He then had to cut it open and drain the fluid. I was then told that I still had a urinary tract infection (or i had caught it again not really sure). So i was put back on flagyl and another antibiotic drug.

    Since then for the last 6 months I've been feeling very fatigue, light-headed at times, and ive almost fainted a few times. In Apirl I decided to go back to the doctors, and tell him that I was fed up with all the urinary tract infections, and my constant bleeding. He then gave me another pap test, and a urine test. My urine test came back clean, and my pap test came back normal?... (I was not sexually active in that 6 months time to contract any stds, and ive still haven't been sexually active for the last 11 months).

    He also gave me a blood test to test for thyroids, and other things. The test also came back clear. I was not put on any medication to stop the bleeding nor was I given a ultra sound. I was pretty ****** off at this stage, and left the doctors confused.

    Since then, my symptoms have been getting worse, now ive been having a lot of chest pains, feeling very light headed and dizzy (specially if i stand up to fast), still morning sickness, ive been short of breath and sometimes it even hurts to breath, and I've been bleeding for 3 months straight. My periods have been pretty heavy, and ive been having massive blood clots. My appetite has decreased a lot, and Ive been sleeping alot. Before I goto sleep at night sometimes I'll knock right out, as before it took me about an hour to fall asleep. In a matter of seconds after laying down im out. Im very pale looking, and I have huge bags under my eyes all the time.

    I went to the doctors 2 weeks ago, complaining about my chest bothering me. He checked my blood pressure, listened to my chest, and said everything sounded fine. He insisted it could be because of stress. I also explained that I had my period for 3 months. He told me that I should go and get a ultra sound. I've booked a ultra sound for august 6th (which is the soonest they can get me in).

    The last week ive been having sudden urges of having to pee. The last 2 days its gotten even worse. It feels like a urinary tract infection, but MUCH worse than ive EVER had before. I've peed about 8 times in the last 2 hours, and when I go pee i only realease a tiny amount, and my pelvic absolutely KILLS. It feels as if its burning inside, not on the outside of my vagina.

    Im so SICK AND TIRED of no one being able to tell me whats really going on. I've been in and out of the doctors hundreds of times the last year, and I feel like my problem is being ignored, and no one is helping me to find out whats wrong. It is my body, and I think I have the right to know whats going on. Im in pain, I feel sick, I have no energy, and Im just TIRED OF IT ALL! Sorry .

    Does anyone have any advice for me? Should I be concerned at all? Im 22 years old and Im scared that something is wrong.

    I should also add that my mother had ovarian cancer, and so did my grandmother. My mom had to get a hysterectamy 4 years ago.

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    Re: Am I at risk for cervical cancer?

    First of all you need to relax. Emotion, anger , stress all take a toll on the body. You appear to be overwhelmed and focused on all the little things going on. Stress will exhaust you.
    IF you are not getting a straight answer then you need a new DR. - but are you looking for a diagnosis and all freaked out becasue of your moms dianosis?
    You had a misscarriage and your moms issues- maybe you need to talk to a counselor to sort out your feelings and get your stress and depression level under control.
    As for your health - if you can get those two things under control I think you'd see a dramatic improvement physically.
    As for reoccuring bladder and urinary infections- have you done anything to change your lifestyle and eating habits? Both can be casued by sex and hygene, foods you eat. Drink more water- no pop or citrus fruit juices, if you start to feel aninfection (which you should know by now what it feels like) drink a cup 8 oz of cranberry juice 2x a day. Drink water a min. of 2 16 oz bottles before lunch and a min. of 2 16 oz. bottles in the afternoon. Vitamins - get a high qaulity viatmin (you can test a vitamin by placing it in a glass of water if it doesn't dissolve in 3 hrs it won't in your body) get a womens multi vitamin and I suggest stay away from department store vitamins - go to GNC or a health store. I take mine 2x per day although it says 1x per day.
    The cyst- I had them too- they say becasue I shave its more prodiminent- and for home treatment to take hot baths- or use hot presses.
    I suggest you focus on your stress and depression and I really think you'll see a physical improvement. Its okay to talk to a counselor, don't feel ashamed or like your crazy- thats an old wives tale. It will help.
    Its one thing to be in touch with your body but another to be consumed.
    Relax, take a hot bath, scent your bathroom and bedroom with rlaxing scents. Eat healthy, drink water and go talk to someone - if you have insurance I bet it's covered.
    Also I suggest accupuncture.

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    Shshi HB UserShshi HB User
    Re: Am I at risk for cervical cancer?


    I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV , but from my own experience, it sounds like you might have a hormonal imbalance that could be causing the nausea and prolonged periods. Also, some of your symptoms, such as the urinary frequency and pain, could be caused by fibroid tumors pressing on your bladder. They could also cause the heavy prolonged periods, blood clots during your periods, as well as the pelvic pain.

    Your prolonged periods also could be causing you to be anemic, which would account for the fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, etc. Have you had your iron levels checked? If not, request a blood test, and in the meantime, either take supplimental iron tablets or eat foods rich in iron, such as leafy green vegetables, organ meats like liver, and cream of wheat.

    As for the frequent bladder infections, do you take bubble baths? If so, that can cause frequent UTIs, as can wiping incorrectly (should be front to back, not back to front.)

    Oh, and I've had several Bartholin gland cysts over the years, and those things are very painful, aren't they! OUCH!

    Anyway, I hope you get some answers to help put your mind at ease when you have your ultrasound. I know how upsetting unknown symptoms can be, especially when doctors seem to be no help at all.

    Please let us know how you're doing. My prayers will be with you.



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    Re: Am I at risk for cervical cancer?

    I agree with both ladies. For one, the stress can be causing the exhaustion...I know for me when I am stressed I feel very tired and almost "sick", like weak feeling.

    I also agree in that you should get a complete blood test if you have not already. I assume you have had your overies checked with your annuals?

    If you feel you are not getting the feedback you need from your doctor, go get another opinion. I recently was misdiagnosed by my doctor for inflammed chest wall (after many visits to her) due to intense pain around my heart. I finally went to see another doctor that ran heart tests and when all came back okay I was diagnosed with esophegeal spams. He gave me medication which for the most part cleared it up. However, it is understood that if one lets esohegeal spams go untreated it could lead to esophegeal cancer. So my point is see as many doctors as you need to until you have found resolution!!

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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    Re: Am I at risk for cervical cancer?

    Thanks all for your advice.

    I went and got a ultra sound august 9th. They found ovarian cysts. I've been bleeding for 4 and a half months now. When my doctor called, he told me that everything came back normal (the ultra sound) sept that I had ovarian cysts.

    Is it "normal" to bleed for long periods of time? because what im getting from my doctor is that he thinks this is normal, and I shouldn't be worried.

    Anyways, I've decided to get a second opinion. I have an appointment booked with a female doctor for the end of this month. I hope she can give me some answers.

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    Re: Am I at risk for cervical cancer?

    I know how it feels to have things unresolved. It can drive a person crazy being told that everything is normal but you feel so bad. Glad you're going to a new doc. I too just went to a new doc because of my issues. I find that doctors that are just GYN vs OB/GYN are less rushed and explain things better (they are fewer i number though).

    I've had many bladder infections in my life. They were always caused by sex. If that's not the case with you, I think that's pretty odd. Get that checked out. Don't give up, you need and deserve to get answers.

    Good luck,


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