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marielle1984 or anyone on naturopath suppository regimen?

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BE 123
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marielle1984 or anyone on naturopath suppository regimen?

Hi gals,

marielle1984, just wondering how your repap after the naturopath regimen turned out? I hope you had the same success some others have had.

Also wondering in general how caustic or irritating these suppositories are and if they caused any harm--I have my naturopath appoinment on Monday and am feeling nervous what she'll say.


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marielle1984 HB User
Re: marielle1984 or anyone on naturopath suppository regimen?

Yikes...sorry I didnt see this post earlier. I've been slacking with the holidays! I just made a new post that hopefully covers what you were asking...

As far as the suppositories...The vitamin A suppository was no problem at all (a little messy, honestly, but just wear a pad or put them in at bedtime)..The herbal suppository wasnt really irritating, per se, but a little grainy-- which I was only aware of when I'd go to insert it. Otherwise they werent a problem at all for me. I'd wear a pantyliner while going through the regimine, though.

I hope your appointment went well and that you find the naturopathic approach fitting for you! I was nervous/skeptical/unsure at first as well, since I've never done it before, and dont know anyone who has seen one for a specific medical concern...Its like taking a leap of faith, in a way, since it kind of goes against the grain of what most of American society says we should do when we're "sick". In general I think most people are pretty skeptical of natural medicine and a hollistic approach, but I myself have similar skepticism of the purely medical model. But anyways that's a whole other story...

Keep us updated! Good luck!

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BE 123
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Re: marielle1984 or anyone on naturopath suppository regimen?

Hi marielle, thanks for replying. I just saw your success story post and I am so fact, almost as happy as if it had happened to me! Thank you for coming back to share.

I went to my naturopath appointment and she rx'd roughly the same regimen as you, with gogi berry powder added to the mix, which I did not buy because I didn't trust its place of manufacture. I am on enough vitamins for a horse as it is!

I have a question about the suppositories-- from the names of the suppositories I've seen tossed around on this board, it seems like a lot of us (including LAgirl81 and ca501, both of whom had success with this regimen) are using Tori Hudson's Vitanica line-- am I right?

I was rx'd the following (4) suppositories to alternate 6 weeks, all from the Vitanica line:

green tea
Vag-pak (used at the end of the week of each of the others)

Are these products identical to the ones you had success with? I'd link to a pic, but I'm sure it will be deleted. But if you g-o-o-g-l-e Vitanica for a list of their products with pictures, or enter it into the amazon search engine, it will come up.

Did you have any burning or irritation down (and up!) there? She warned that the Vag-Pak is irritating for a lot of women, but that I shouldn't experience irritation with the others. And did you have to stick a tampon to keep the suppository in, or could you go without? I don't want to use tampons unless absolutely necessary (worried about TSS). Finally, this is the dumbest question, but how do you know how far up to stick them? (I don't know where my cervix is.)

The only things stopping me from starting this regimen when my period is over are:

1) the Vita-A suppository at 200,000IU is a VERY high dose-- is there any risk of systemic absorption (I believe 50,000IU is the absolute upper limit to take orally and even lesser amounts have been known to kill people)? Did you have any problems during your suppository regimen, like elevated liver enzymes, nausea, or turning orange/yellow? (the last part is harmless, unless the whites of your eyes also went yellow)

2) is there any risk of TSS (toxic shock syndrome) with these suppositories? My naturopath shrugged and offered me a staph test, which I did not get because I could not afford it on top of everything else (she cost me $605 out of network and out of pocket as it is...there's no icon for this sort of shock).

I never used tampons much before because of the risk of TSS.

I'm sorry for all these questions but my brother is a med student and he is so worried I am going naturopathic, saying it's not proven, vitamin A is a topical chemo agent (some forms of it are), if it really worked then all women would be doing this instead of undergoing leep, all naturopaths are quacks or charlatans, "herbs are drugs too you know" (I know they can be just as harmful), how do you know if it's standardized extracts, none of this is proven, stick to what you know...

On the other hand, having had hrhpv for over a year causing dysplasia and actual physical *symptoms* I am so NOT comforting simply sitting on my butt popping a couple vitamins a day.

I DO believe in naturopathic healing, which is why I spent my Christmas break seeking a naturopath's help and going $605 poorer in the process, but I started to doubt myself based on my brother' words of caution, since I know he only wants the best for me. Plus, my naturopath wasn't very engaging or responsive (in fact she was downright sarcastic when I asked how to use the suppositories and told me I'd never get rid of the hpv even if I test negative, it will always be there, just dormant) but if I'm using the same tested treatment (suppositories) as others, I'd feel a lot more comfortable.

Thanks and sorry for the long post!

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marielle1984 HB User
Re: marielle1984 or anyone on naturopath suppository regimen?

Hi there-

I used the same brand Vitamin A and Herbal C suppositories. I did one week Vitamin A, the second week Herbal C, the next week Vitamin A, and the last week Herbal C. I dont think theres any risk of TSS-- I think that usually happens only with tampons, since bacteria can end up growing on them after leaving them in for long periods of time (although I didnt do the Vag-Pak or have to use tampons for any of the suppositories). They kind of "melt" during the night, and (sorry to get graphic) basicly leak out after you get out of bed (...gravity...?) I would try to push them up as far as they'd go--you might have to tilt your pelvis up to do so. Some nights I wasnt sure if they'd reach the cervix, but in most women's anatomy, when you lay on your back the vagina slopes downwards, so in theory it should drift towards the cervix during the night.

I didnt experience any changes, really, from using all the Vitamin A. I wonder if Vitamin A as beta carotene is absorbed differently, especially as I take it orally (so it has to pass through the digestive system before getting to the bloodstream). I dont know how many IU the suppositories were...or if they were in a different form (the box is back in LA so I cant look at it). Everyone's body is different, so maybe you'll want to work up to the dose until you see how you're affected.

I too went into my first appointment suspicious that theyd just try to sell me their own brand of supplements, but where I went had a variety of brands, and she'd also suggest other places where I could buy similar products (for the supplements anyways...). Wow $605 is a lot to pay, I believe! I was able to have procedures like bloodwork and the pap smear covered by insurance--maybe yours can do the same, or you can try to submit it?

Thats too bad you didnt seem to jive well with the person you saw. I really feel like the relationship you have with any practicioner makes all the difference- I felt very comfortable with the woman I saw...she sat down with me for over an hour during the first visit and was very understanding of all my concerns (something I didnt get with all the traditional gyno's I went to...). I had some challanging questions which she was thorough in addressing. I'm ususally a pretty cynical person, also, especially suspicious of health care professionals and the medical/pharmaceutical industry (my loved ones and myself have had some negative experiences- and my dad is a doctor so I'd like to think I've been raised to take control of my own health.) Its wise to be concerned about what is contained in your supplements, but not simply because it isnt FDA controlled...In the same way, we should be concerned about whats in the everyday drugs we all are accustomed to taking. Personally I'd be more likely to trust a small independent company that makes my supplements.

While cryotherapy and LEEP are the standard practices for treating mild dysplasia, I was never fully convinced that this was the most necessary intervention considering my age (23), being in decent health, and definately wanting to be able to get pregnant later in life. The way I saw it, buring off the "bad" tissue that was making me have abnormal paps would permanently change my cervix, yet wasnt going to cure anything, since supposedly it's HPV (a virus) that is causing the changes in the first place. Everything I read said that dysplasia is a very slow changing condition, and women who get cervical cancer are USUALLY women who have not had routine pap smears. In most cases, women who have LGSIL are more likely to heal themselves than progress to HGSIL. I figured I'd be better off taking the chance on my own body healing itself than the chances that doing Cryo or LEEP would cause problems for me later in life. Even the last gyno I saw, who is friends with my dad (not as weird/creepy as it sounds...!) came to the conclusion in a discussion with my dad that its okay to take a watchful waiting approach, and that docs have to be vigilant with abnormal paps on the chance that a woman wouldn't keep careful watch over her own body by getting routine paps (leading to the small chance that it would be ignored to the point of developing into cancer).

Anyways, these are my own opinions, and I in no way mean to undermine medicine and all that, but I am ever cautious of one doctor's opinion...traditional and otherwise. I only trust myself with my body!

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Re: marielle1984 or anyone on naturopath suppository regimen?

I have many of the same thoughts and beliefs as you and that I why I am also going to heal myself. I believe it is possible and I do not believe everything the FDA tells us or recommends. I am also not against western medicine, but I think we are taking pills for everything and sometimes the answer is fairly simple and we are nutrient deficient or toxic. Once I am through with my treatment I will see if I have any changes, although I know I will have to be patient as nothing is guarnteed. I am 25, married and I have a 21 month old daughter and I am still young and I have time and I don't believe that immediately going in and cutting out body parts, tissues, etc is going to make this all go away forever. That is why I turned to natural rememdies and products and I can tell anyone my daughter does not get sick and neither do I. I feel better han ever after switching to organic food and beauty products.

I feel bad the Brie didn't enjoy her visit to her naturopathic doctor. There is nothing worse than not feeling comfortable or like they care. It is always best to not assume everyone knows what you are talking about. I would have asked the same questions about the suppositories. I wish you the best of luck in your treatment and what you decide!

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