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kmbull 04-07-2008 07:57 AM

new to board, 3B, questions about radiation
Hi, I am new to the board.

I was disgnosed with stage 3b cervical cancer in February. I am 40.

I have had 7 sessions of chemotherapy which I have been blessed not to have a lot of side effects from.

I am slated for 5 weeks of radiation and higher-dose chemo beginning April 21.

I would really like to talk with people who have had radiation and/or women who are in the middle of or about to have this treatment.

I am quite nervous about the radiation, yet feel it is the right thing to do as well.

Anybody out there to talk about this?

Thanks in advance - Karen

texan1771 04-08-2008 08:10 AM

Re: new to board, 3B, questions about radiation
Hello Karen,Welcome to the board,sorry it took so long,to answer your post but I am here now.I have been thru all the radiation andregret every moment BUT I am a rare case,not as rare as the Drs tell you though so if you have ANY questions let me know.Ginger

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