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very scared

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Old 07-05-2008, 10:54 AM   #1
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claste HB User
very scared

hi everyone, i haven't posted in a long while and i'm going to apologise for the long post.

my symptoms started christmas 2006, i had a dull ache across my lower abdomen, the pain seemed to come in waves and was radiating up to my stomach, as the days passed it got worse going through to my back, my tummy bloated and i felt like i was in labour, i was pacing around the bedroom, at one point my husband was rubbing my back, and i was also pooping ten to the dozen, eventually the pain got so bad i was practically on my hands and knees, i then threw up, you're probably wondering why i didn't go to a+e, i did phone the doctor and she told me to take pain killers and buscapan, she felt it was either gallstones or ibs, my symptoms did then seem to ease after i threw up. two doctors examined my stomach and ab area and said everything felt soft, one of the doctors said i'd suffered a bowel spasm.

a few months later i had a dull ache on my right side where my ovary is, i saw the doctor, he told me it was ovulation pain and nothing to worry about.

in jan this year i suffered from a lot of viruses which lasted through to march, i also had a smear in march which came back clear. and around march i suffered with indigestion, which i never suffer from and was incredibly gassy, i felt alot of discomfort and resorted to rubbing my tummy thinking i had trapped wind. i also suffered waves of nausea.

things then got better, just my periods were longer than they should be but i've always suffered with my periods, i'm on for 5 days then i spot til day 14, i used to be very heavy but my periods have got lighter.

i then developed a dull ache on my left side, i have had aches before either left or right side but after being told it was ovulation pain i thought no more of it, but for some reason this time i thought "i've had enough of this" and saw my doctor, after explaining my symptoms he said it sounded like a cyst and has written to the hospital for me to be scanned, i have noticed my belly is more bloated than usual, and as i sit and write this the dull ache has almost gone, i've felt fatigued since my girls were born 7 years ago, i just put it down to being a mum to twins!

i had fertility treatment to get my girls, and when they were born i had a scan to make sure everything was ok, they discovered a cyst on one ovary and fibroids, but ensured me everything was ok.

i'm scared because i read up on cysts and have now convinced myself that i'm dying, it's torture waiting for my appointment to come through, and i keep imagining my family without me, i'm wondering that maybe my christmas pain was a cyst rupturing releasing cancer cells throughout my body, i'm so cross with myself for not going to a+e, my tummy is bloated right now and sometimes after eating it seems my meal either lays heavy or repeats on me, but maybe thats stress, would i be dead if a cyst had ruptured? i suppose i'm looking for reassurance, or anyone who has experienced similar, sorry to ramble and thanks for reading.

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Old 07-05-2008, 12:31 PM   #2
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Re: very scared

Hello Claste, welcome back after such a long time. I am sorry to hear of your horrible pains. i don't know a ton regarding cysts, but I can share what I do know.

Cysts are simply a collection of fluid-not cancer fluid. They can be as small as a pea or as large as a grapefruit-specifically ovarian cysts. Theya re extremely common, especially of women who are pregnant or have been pregnant. I have had a cyst that was approximately 3cm and it was treated with a low dose of birth control pills. My mother had an ovarian cyst that was as large as a grapefruit and had to have it surgically removed. A burst cyst can be quite painful and cause damage to internal organs.

My best friend had a large ovarian cyst that she was unaware of. As she tells me she had a night of sex with her boyfriend that wa a bit more "rough" than the average for them. She said the next day she noticed she was in a lot of pain, but just thought it was menstral cramps, so she took some ibuprofen. She tells me the pain did not lessen and she was in her bathroom when the pain had intensified to such severity that she passed out on the floor for hours. Upon waking she immediately went to the hospital where they said she had an ovarian cyst that had burst and was causing internal bleeding. She had to have surgery to have it removed along with the ovary it had damaged.

They can be nothing, they can be easily fied, but they can also be symptoms of something else. So I suggest that yo make a list of questions you have, research topics you may have found in your searches, and bring them with you when you go to your doctor so you can set your mind at a little more ease.

I hope this helps a little.

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claste HB User
Re: very scared

thank you pepper81, i can't help but keep crying, i will see my doctor on monday and try to resolve some of my problems, bless you and i will keep you informed of the findings x

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Pickle Eyes
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Re: very scared

Hi Claste. I don't know a lot about ovaries, but some of your indigestion problems could be related to your fibroid. I don't know how large yours is/was, but they can put pressure on nerves, muscles, blood vessels that go to various places in the abdomen.

I had a 9.3cm fibroid. My doctor said it wasn't causing any of my bowel problems (constipation), but after my UFE to shrink the fibroid the constipation significantly improved. I think the fibroid wasn't near the bowels, but I think it pressed a nerve that supplied the bowel, thereby making it not fuction correctly.

Anyway, I think you might have 2 different things going on. Take a written list of symptoms and questions to your doctor's appointment on Monday. It will help you remember everything you want to say/ask, and it gives the doctor a visual. I also feel a doctor takes me more seriously, and gives me more time, if I have a written list.

Let us know how you do!

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estria HB Userestria HB Userestria HB Userestria HB User
Re: very scared

Hello Claste,

Your symptoms certainly sound a lot like ovarian cysts. The symptoms you describe sound like a burst cyst. If your cyst had been cancerous back in 2006, believe me, you would be dead by now, ovarian cancer progresses very quickly (most often within 3-6 months). Also, if your symptoms come and go, chances are that the problem is cyclical in nature and caused by hormones. However you are doing the right thing in having it checked out.

You should also know that ALL women grow cysts on their ovaries every single month. This is a normal process. The start of your period is also the beginning of your cycle and this is when your ovaries begin to develop ovarian follicles (or cysts). About two weeks after the start of your period, one of the cysts (usually the more mature one) bursts open to release an egg into the fallopian tube and then the shell, along with the remaining cysts, are reabsorbed back into the ovaries until the beginning of the next cycle. If women have an ultrasound at any point in time, therefore, it is very likely to uncover a cyst as this is completely normal. Usually it is recommended to go for your ultrasound during your period as this is when there are the least number of cysts.

Having said that, sometimes the shell of the burst cyst closes up and fills with fluid (a corpus luteal cyst) and sometimes, a normal follicular cyst persists for more than one cycle (simple functional cyst). These cysts can continue to grow and can sometimes burst, releasing fluid into the abdomen. This is extremely painful as the abdomen becomes very irritated. Symptoms of a burst cyst include vomiting, diarrhea, fever, the shakes and extreme pelvic pain. Eventually the abdomen absorbs all of the fluid and the pain subsides. Sometimes these cyst can bleed into themselves (chocolate cysts) and if these cysts burst, they are very painful because they release blood into the abdomen (internal bleeding).

Why not ask the doctor to schedule an ultrasound so that you can see if you indeed have larger than normal cysts that are bursting during ovulation ? An ultrasound will be able to see if, first of all, you have very large cysts (normal cysts are usually less than 5 cm in diametre) and if you do, if they are simple fluid filled cysts. If you go just after one of these cysts have burst, they would also be able to see if there is fluid in the abdomen (or cul de sac region). You may also wish to monitor the pain and see if it does coincide with ovulation. This is approximately two weeks after the start of your period. You will usually have thicker than normal cervical mucous at this time as well although this is hard to monitor.

The ultrasound is really the most helpful instrument in telling you what is going on in there and I would definitely ask to have one done. It can be done externally, where they put the wand on your tummy, or it can be done intra vaginally where they put the wand in your uterus. For the external you have to drink a lot of water so that they can see through your bladder and into the uterine, ovary area. For the internal, your bladder must be empty so that they have room to insert the wand. With the internal they can also do a doppler flow analysis of a cyst which shows if there is any blood flowing into the cyst. Gynes and radiologists have a lot of experience these days, in identifying the 'look' of a cyst and saying with quite a lot of confidence if it is sinister or benign. Sometimes cysts are filled with both liquid and solid components and these have to be removed just to be sure they are not a problem. However, even most of these types of cysts turn out to be benign.

Try to relax until your doctor's appointment and keep your mind busy. If you feel that another cyst is about to burst, take a couple of Advil (ibuprofen) and this reduces the gonadotropins which cause the pain. Ibuprofen is also an anti-inflammatory.

I hope I have helped you with this. I know how scared you must be. Back in September I began to have irregular bleeding and painful pelvic sensations. I too thought I was dying. I had an ultrasound done and they found an 8 cm simple cyst on my left ovary. As it turned out, the pain and bleeding was actually not caused by my cyst but by the birth control pill which I had been on for 20 years. The lining of my uterus was so thin that it became fragile and began to bleed and become painful. I stopped the pill and the pains went away (as did the bleeding) but the cyst persisted. I am now keeping an eye on it with regular ultrasounds. I have painful ovulations but the pain varies depending upon which ovary is ovulating at the time.

Take care of yourself and as difficult as it is at the moment, try to relax and to get your mind off of these things, while you wait. Be confident that you will manage to get to the bottom of things very soon. All the best.

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claste HB User
Re: very scared

thankyou so much for replying, i have chilled out a bit now and am trying to get on with 'normal' life, i will keep you all informed of whats going on, i'm glad you all replyed as i now feel calmer, this message board is like having guardian angels at the press of a button, speak soon x

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Re: very scared

Hi, as the other ladies have said, ovarian cysts are almost always benign. They can cause all kinds of troublesome symptoms though, even mimicking the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

I had multiple cysts that were causing me problems from 2005 - 2007. An ultrasound in 2007 showed a solid mass (tumor) on my left ovary as well as other cysts on my right ovary. I was having a lot of bloating, pain, weight loss, fatigue, etc. - every one of these are symptoms of both cysts and of ovarian cancer. I was scared, but my doctor felt that there was nothing to worry about. I had my ovaries removed in December and my doctor was right, everything was benign. (Though I did have really bad adhesions which caused everything to be stuck together. That might have also been what was causing my symptoms.)

Good luck to you and I hope everything turns out okay.

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