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  • Having Leep next week

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    Old 08-21-2008, 06:31 PM   #1
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    Having Leep next week

    It was very helpful reading all your stories-thanks for sharing. I had a coloscopy and 2 polyps removed after having an abnormal pap. I went in for my yearly and also we want baby#2 and were not having luck-my first was a clomid baby so I though I will just take that pill again.

    TO my surprise the polpys , cyst and abnormal pap were found. The polyps were benign. The results of biopsy came back HIGH abnormal. I was told to have the LEEP next week.

    I was also told I have HPV-no test was done although I asked for one to know for sure (although they can come back negative I hear) I am kinda freaked out about having an doc said she treats me as if I have HPV since 95% or more abnormal cells in women have HPV...
    I am married for 10 yrs (faithful marriage) so I guess I got this a LONG time ago...hard to believe.

    Anyhow, my biggest question is do I got into the hospital and go under for the LEEP OR do it with a block in doctors office. My doctor is pushing for me to do it in the office-I am a whimp and want ot go under but hate going under as well. After my polyps removal last week and the coloscopy I got bad headaches and nausea and very bad contractions of the is just getting better. It was no fun. Then just the last two days I got a very bad pain in one breast..its so when I was pregnant way back when. Anyone else ever have that breast pain? Did any of you have the HPV test to find out the DNA of the HPV?

    Just wondering how many had outpatient in a hospital vs in a docs office. Does it hurt to get the block/needle?

    Its a scary thing..but at least there is much more awareness now and we all get our paps regularly! I too am nervous it will come back and we want to have a baby quickly...

    Wishing all of you well and keep writing in-its a great thing for us all


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    Re: Having Leep next week

    Hi Sherrie! It is a scary time. Hopefully knowledge and information will help you feel a little more in control.

    I didn't have a LEEP. I had a cold knife cone biopsy which is done under general anesthesia. It was only a 20-30 minute procedure, so I wasn't under very deep, but I was o-u-t! From what I've read on this board is that about half of the ladies have a LEEP in the hospital and half in the doctor's office.

    As far as the HPV/dna test, that's what my doctor ran on me back in December. The only results I got was that I was positive for high risk HPV, not what strain. I think it is another test that gives the strain. I'm curious, but I don't have to know what strain right now.

    I believe my cervical cancer was detected because of 2 doctors doing one more test than they normally did. A) My regular doc (who did my paps for years) did the HPV test for the first time and it came back positive for high risk HPV. B) The gyn that I went to for my colposcopy did an ECC at that time (because there was nothing to bipsy on my exocervix and she "just wanted to check" the cervical canal). That's where the cancer was "hiding".

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "highly abnormal". Is it CIN III? adeno/carcinoma in situ? If it is either one of those, then I highly suggest you see a gynecological oncologist. They are specially trained to know how to handle precancerous and cancerous conditions.

    Also, it is still possible to conceive a baby even if you have to have the cervix removed. The doctor can do a certain procedure which allows you to maintain a pregnancy. I think it is called a circlet or something like that. The baby is then delivered via caesarian, I think.

    I hope that helps!

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    Re: Having Leep next week

    Hello again,
    Thanks so much for reply-this site is great! I was hoping I woudl find somthign like this to talk to other women that have gone through all this.
    I had some question if you dont mind:
    I didn't have a LEEP. I had a cold knife cone biopsy which is done under general anesthesia. -Q: I guess I need to ask why a LEEP and not another procedure but I think the LEEP is affective form waht I read

    Its hard to decide if I should be under or not-my doctor is pusing not to be...

    I believe my cervical cancer was detected because of 2 doctors doing one more test than they normally did. A) -Q: I asked her if there coul dbe cancer-she said its rare it woudl not have been found-but I think I have had a lot of rare things in my life so how do we know for sure..I dont want them to come back in a year and say oh yah it was hiding we found it now! What is the EEC test? Yes it was CIN III...I think I will
    see gynecological mom suggested this too-and I said nah my docotr knows..but its MY health and I need to be an advocate for myself and make sure I am 100% satisfied and not worry about the docotrs feelings. So I really do apprecate you suggesting this as well. Do you recommend any in teh Worcester area? Not sure I can ask this on this board or not.

    So it is possible to have this high reading and have cancer "hiding" ? Can I ask you what they did when they found the cancer? Was it an early stage and you just had some it removed? A girl at my work had it and she was fine, she had a son years later too.

    The whole HPV is scary...glad I am happily married...but I just dont get it-men can carry this and pass it yet no vaccine for them and no test for them or is there a test to see if my husband has it..

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    Re: Having Leep next week

    Hi sherrie,

    I just had LEEP three weeks ago today. I had it in my Gyns office. The LEEP really wasn't bad at all. (at least for me) I previously had a colposcopy with ECC and that hurt more than the LEEP. The shots in the cervix stung, but the shots I get in my mouth from my dentist hurt a lot more.

    I was terrified all day waiting to get it done, but when it was over my thought was this was nothing, why was I so afraid?

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    Re: Having Leep next week

    Hi Sherri, today marks week three after my LEEP. I had mine done in the hospital as outpatient surgery. My story is in a thread called "Worried." I'm glad you found these boards, they really helped me deal with everything going on. The LEEP was not bad at all, I loved the hospital staff and I loved my doctor. I knew exactly what I was going to expect and was put at ease by it. My pathology report from the LEEP actually came back better than I had previously received from the colposcopy and biopsy. I hope things go well for you and keep us posted!

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    Re: Having Leep next week

    Sherrie, I'm one of those people who "doesn't do things the usual way" as my doctor said. I get unusual symptoms and unusual things cause things to happen. :shrugs shoulders: At least my doctor knows this. Maybe that thought went through her mind when she said I should go ahead and have the colposcopy.

    Anyway, the way I understand it, the difference between the LEEP and a cold knife cone are the following. They both remove a cone shaped part of the cervix which is then sent for pathology to determine the extent of dysplasia. It can be diagnostic and treatment or it can be just diagnostic (which it was for me). The LEEP singes/burns the edges of the tissue as it cuts (on the removed tissue and the remaining intact tissue). This reduces bleeding. The cone biopsy gives clear cut edges to the removed tissue. This allows the pathologist to determine if a lesion has clear margins (a good thing) or if the lesion is at the edge of the tissue (meaning there is more left on the cervix). Because the LEEP burns edges, it doesn't allow for reading the tissue sample all the way to the edge. A cold knife cone can bleed more than a LEEP . . . BUT . . . after my doctor did the cold knife cone, she then took the LEEP wand and passed it over my cervix to cauterize it to reduce bleeding.

    I don't know why so many doctors perform so many LEEPS over the cone. I wonder if it depends on whether or not the doctor suspects cancer. I would thing if he/she suspects it, then he/she would do a cone (to preserve margins). That is my suspicion.

    A LEEP can be performed in office, but a cone can't be.

    And ECC is an endocervical curettage. When the doctor is doing the colposcopy he/she scrapes the cervical canal with a brush like swab. It hurts. I won't lie. But the pain only lasts a minute or two (literally). It is the only nonsurgical way the doctor can sample the canal (otherwise a LEEP or cone would be needed).

    With a CIN III diagnosis, I'd highly recommend the gyn/onc.

    Something like 80% of diagnosed cervical cancer (carcinoma) is sqamous cell. Those cells are found on the outer cervix. Adenocarcinoma invovles the glandular/columnar cells. Those cells are found higher in the cervix which cannot be seen or swabbed during a pap or colposcopy. Adenocarcinoma is typically found with ECCs. My cancer was adenocarcinoma and was found with the ECC. So yes, in a sense, adenocarcinoma "hides." That's why I recommend the ECC to so many women. It helps "find" the cancer (if there is any).

    My adenocarcinoma in situ was found with the ECC. A few weeks later I had a cold knife cone biopsy. The results from that were adenocarcinoma Ia1. This is early stage invasive cancer. My lesions were less than 2mm across and 1mm deep (a dime is 1mm thick). They were tiny, but invasive.

    Two months after the results from the cone, I had a hysterectomy to remove my cervix and uterus. I do not need chemo or radiation. If I understand correctly, if the cancer had been deeper than 1mm (and larger than some other measurement across) then I would have had a radical hysterectomy and/or chemo, and/or radiation.

    I could have had my hyst earlier than 2 months. I chose that because I am a teacher and didn't want to take off for the surgery unless I had to. It also allowed me the entire summer to recover.

    I hope that helps.

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