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busymommy 10-11-2008 10:34 PM

49-Year-Old With Complex Ovarian Cyst
Hello All ~

I'm a 49-year-old peri-menopausal lady just diagnosed with a 1.9 cm complex cyst on my left ovary. I had an ultrasound due to my first irregular period that pretty much started two weeks after one stopped and hasn't stopped since.

Did anyone have a complex-type cyst that resolved on its own without the need for surgery and or a complex cyst that didn't go away and needed to be remove surgically or turned out to be malignant?

I've had ovarian cysts in the past, but they were functional and resolved on their own. This is the first complex one that has me concerned.

Thanks for any input you can give me to maybe ease my mind!

busymommy 10-15-2008 11:37 AM

Re: 49-Year-Old With Complex Ovarian Cyst
Can anyone help me?

Pickle Eyes 10-15-2008 06:44 PM

Re: 49-Year-Old With Complex Ovarian Cyst
Hi Busymommy, I just saw this thread. I'm glad you bumped it up.

About 4 years ago my doctor ordered a pelvic CAT scan (for other reasons) and when the slides came back it showed I had a complex cyst, but I don't remember the size. It also showed some other things, but that isn't pertinant to this discussion.

Anyway, because of other things the CAT scan found, we didn't do anything about the cyst. Back in June I had a hyst. Before the hyst my gyn/onc ordered a pelvic ultrasound. It showed no cysts at all. So, I assume that cyst resolved.

I hope that helps.

ETA: I was 41 at that time.

busymommy 10-15-2008 09:51 PM

Re: 49-Year-Old With Complex Ovarian Cyst
Thanks so much for the reply Pickle Eyes. I am going to have a follow-up ultrasound in six weeks. Your note gives me hope that mine, too, will resolve itself. Cross your fingers!

marymk 10-16-2008 12:54 PM

Re: 49-Year-Old With Complex Ovarian Cyst
Hi busymommy,

I have had about a dozen complex cyts over the past three years. So far they have all been small (about 1.5 - 2.5 cm) and have all resolved. I've also had a couple of simple cysts. Most of the time I didn't have any symptoms - I was getting ultrasounds to check my fibroids and uterine lining, when the cysts were found.
The biggest pain with these for me has been all the follow-up ultrasounds. I was going every three months for a while - but they need to be followed to make sure they resolve.

BTW - I'm 50 - and going through peri-menopuase - I think the raging hormones are the culprit here.


busymommy 10-16-2008 01:06 PM

Re: 49-Year-Old With Complex Ovarian Cyst
Hi, Mary: Ok, two replies where they resolved on their own, even though they were complex. I'm crossing my fingers I'm the third! :) Thank you so much for your response. I feel a little more comfortable now but won't feel 100% until the follow-up ultrasound in six weeks. Take care.

busymommy 11-20-2008 02:21 PM

Re: 49-Year-Old With Complex Ovarian Cyst
Just an update...the cyst didn't resolve but it's now a little smaller and the radiologist called it "hemorrhagic." There is also a small cyst now on my right ovary but "simple" and not to be concerned about. I'm also not concerned with the left side now. I think it will eventually go away but the doc recommends another follow up in six weeks. They're really cautious and I like that a lot! When the tech was doing the ultrasound, she was very talkative, very unusual for the tech, and she said when she "sees" what turns out to be ovarian cancer, the ovaries are really abnormal in size and there is no doubt about it. She usually sees these cases when they're really advanced.

TatCat 11-20-2008 04:39 PM

Re: 49-Year-Old With Complex Ovarian Cyst
Hi Busymommy,

I had 2, one that resolved and one that didn't. I had a hyst in Feb and the one that didn't resolve turned out to be benign. :)

Pickle Eyes 11-20-2008 07:38 PM

Re: 49-Year-Old With Complex Ovarian Cyst
Busymommy, it sounds like your doctor is really on top of things. That is great! :)

busymommy 01-05-2009 04:26 PM

Re: 49-Year-Old With Complex Ovarian Cyst
Had another follow up appt. today. All cysts are resolved. Whoo hoo! Great way to start the new year!

Pickle Eyes 01-05-2009 04:55 PM

Re: 49-Year-Old With Complex Ovarian Cyst
I'm so glad to hear your cysts have resolved! Yay!!!

pianolady 03-05-2010 08:25 AM

Re: 49-Year-Old With Complex Ovarian Cyst
I just joined today and was reading this thread. Hopefully someone will see this!

Just wondering, does a cyst resolving have anything to do with having periods? What I've read about cysts in a younger woman is that they resolve when she has a period.

I had my first ultrasound (external and transvaginal) almost 2 weeks ago due to an enlarged uterus detected during a pelvic exam with my primary care physician. They found an ovarian cyst and a uterine fibroid in the ultrasound. I go to see a gynecologist on Tuesday, so I won't know until after Tuesday what exactly is going on. I kind of have the impression that, since I'm not having regular periods (only 2 light periods in the last year), this cyst will probably not resolve itself. Am I wrong?

Thanks for help for a "newby"!

estria 03-06-2010 12:58 PM

Re: 49-Year-Old With Complex Ovarian Cyst
Hi Pianolady,

Cysts on the ovary, if they are fluid filled and under 5 cms, are most likely normal follicular cysts. They begin to grow at the start of your cycle (when you start your period) and reach maturity at ovulation time (about 10-14 days after the start of your period). This is when they are at their largest and it is at this time that the most mature follicle bursts open to release an egg into the fallopian tube. After this happens, the "shell" of the cyst fills up with fluid and becomes a different type of cyst, the corpus luteum. The corpus luteum release progesterone which prepares the uterus for the fertilized egg to embed (if it gets fertilized that is .. the egg is usually fertilized in the fallopian tube and then makes its way down into the uterus). If not fertilization occurs, the ovaries stop producing hormones for a little while and this makes you have your period (the uterus is essentially starved of hormones and the lining dies and is cleaned out of the body). This is why either follicular cysts and corpus luteal cysts are least likely seen during your period. At any other time, you either have follicular cysts or a corpus luteal cyst sitting on the ovary.

If you have a simple, fluid filled cyst on one ovary and a uterine fibroid, then you are COMPLETELY NORMAL and nothing needs to be done. Fibroids occur in about three quarters of women and unless they are causing problems, they are benign and harmless. Sometimes they are so large that they cause pressure and excessive bleeding but unless this is the case with you, then forget about it. I have a small fibroid which they found when I had my ultrasound for my abnormal (ie. not a normal functional one) cyst (for which I had my ovary and tube removed). It remained unchanged for over a year and a half and I don't worry about it (I named it Fred !).

I am sure that your gynecologist will explain all of this to you at your appointment but until then, don't worry too much about this. When you see your doctor, ask about the ovarian cyst's size and the kind of cyst. If it is a simple, thin walled, fluid filled cyst on one ovary that is 5 cms or less then nothing needs to be done except perhaps a followup ultrasound.

Take care of yourself.


pianolady 03-06-2010 04:27 PM

Re: 49-Year-Old With Complex Ovarian Cyst
Thanks! Is that true of someone who is 50 and not really having periods?

estria 03-06-2010 05:47 PM

Re: 49-Year-Old With Complex Ovarian Cyst

If you are still having periods (you said you had two light periods this past year) and have not yet gone fully into menopause, then you are still ovulating, sometimes. It is not until you stop getting your periods for a full year that you are considered menopausal. Until that happens, your ovaries are continuing to ovulate, just not as often and not as efficiently.

They now also know that even menopausal women sometimes grow cysts on their ovaries that eventually go away most of the time (they don't know why this is so since menopausal women are not supposed to be ovulating but they have done studies on menopausal women and up to 20% grow cysts on their ovaries .. most of these disappear within a year).

The main issue is to ensure that the cyst is a simple fluid filled cyst and that it is not a very large cyst. If this is so then most likely it will go away on its own.

Hope this helps.


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