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zoe96 02-23-2009 07:03 PM

Re: adenocarcinoma in situ -- cone biopsy
Okay, this doesn't really follow up from the last few posts here, but I did want to correct some earlier info on my situation, to give an accurate picture of what's gone on.

I once again have to rave about Dr. B at UConn....I'm getting a little (okay, a lot) nervous since my surgery is Wednesday morning, and long story short, I was mistaken on the dimensions of my cone. I contacted her today to ask more questions (and mind you, this lady isn't my treater -- she just told me I can call her with questions if I have any, so her actually calling me back and giving me so much time, to me, is amazing). I had previously posted -- somewhere, and I'm trying to find where so I can correct it in the thread -- that my cone was 2cm deep. That worried me, since a cervix is only about 2.5 to 4cm to begin with, so I was wondering how out of 20mm I only had 5mm of invasion, yet only a 1mm clear margin. Turns out the pathologist used some funky wording which led to the confusion, but my cone was only 6mm (not 2cm) deep, and I had a 1mm clean margin...which means there should be plenty of room for me to get a nice clean margin on the now I need to hope for that, as well as the clear nodes. Dr. B told me to follow up with her and let her know how I'm doing...and that she expects me to be just fine. I also got her notes from my exam and her take on my pathology slides...and she downgraded my diagnosis to Ia2!! So while I knew I was on the fence between Ia2 and Ib1, it was nice to actually see the lower staging....

I also learned that a cone, despite it's name, is not really that cone shaped! I was told that it is basically more like a rectangle, looking at it head on....what I mean is this: my cone was 2.0cm (20mm) across on the bottom (the exocervix, visible part), and on the top it was 1.6mm across (endocervix, more internal part). From the top to the bottom, it was 6mm thick, meaning they went 6mm deep into the cervix. So, that's not really cone shaped, but really a piece that was only 2mm more narrow on the top than it was on the circumference on the bottom....if you get what I'm saying. All the pics online, and the name itself, would suggest that it's a sharp, cone shaped piece. At least on me, it was nowhere close! Also, I'm told that 6mm is a moderate amount of material, and definitely not considered a "big" cone.

So, I am on my clear liquid diet from tonight until the time of surgery Wednesday morning. Lucky me! Another quirky thing that came up, and I'd never heard of this before: although the prep says "clear liquids, including clear broth, jello, juice, TEA and coffee," I was told green tea is a no no...which stinks for me, since that's all I drink. I was like um, hello, you said tea was okay, what gives??? I was told no green tea for the WEEK before surgery because of something to do with thinning the blood or clotting; whatever it was, no green tea before surgery. Who knew!!

Had another Reiki session, and am trying to stay calm and focused. I tell everyone to please NOT think positive thoughts for me....because I do not want positive lymph nodes or positive margins. Instead, I tell them please think healthy, clean, strong, cancer free thoughts....because that's what I want!! And I want a cleaning lady to finish cleaning my house.... ;)

Pickle Eyes 02-23-2009 07:40 PM

Re: adenocarcinoma in situ -- cone biopsy
[QUOTE=zoe96;3896233]Had another Reiki session, and am trying to stay calm and focused. I tell everyone to please NOT think positive thoughts for me....because I do not want positive lymph nodes or positive margins. Instead, I tell them please think healthy, clean, strong, cancer free thoughts....because that's what I want!! And I want a cleaning lady to finish cleaning my house.... ;)[/QUOTE]

You got it, girl! You are certainly in my thoughts and prayers. :angel:

I was told no reds or purples. All I can say is that whatever color goes in, that is what comes out! :dizzy: lol

luvbug412 02-23-2009 08:38 PM

Re: adenocarcinoma in situ -- cone biopsy
Had another Reiki session, and am trying to stay calm and focused. [/QUOTE]

Long story ahead -sorry its off topic!

Has anyone else noticed the old adage "That which does not kill us makes us stronger" is so true?

Quick side story here that I would thought I would share. Since 2002 I've been a clam - emotional and energy wise. Drained, sad, depressed, always feeling ill and really not having any energy to "live" worth speaking of. It was the year I lost my grandmother to ovarian cancer. She, like many women her age, did not seek medical attention until it was to late. Because of my overall family upbringing, anything related to the sexual organs of the body (both male and female) did not only carry a huge stigma but was VERY taboo. It wasn't until she was suffering sepsis from a blocked kidney that it was discovered she had stage IV ovarian cancer. Despite bleeding (she never told the Dr) she lived with it secretly for what I can only imagine was a few years because of the embarassment tied to "the dirty bits". I watched her go from what I thought was a healthy woman to her passing in 5 months.

Long before that time I had already been seeing a gyn regularly, but with her you just couldn't share that stuff. It was stuff you just DIDNT talk about.

Which leads me to this year. Early 2009 was my first abnormal pap, followed by a diagnosis of CIS. Between the CIS diagnosis and the LEEP I have resolved myself to a few new things in my life. Living! Loving! and Learning! In some odd way the fact I have now been diagnosed with AIS is - you know what - OK! I'll get through it. I'll live through it! I have friends (here and elsewhere) that have been through, are going through, or will go through much worse in their lives. The diagnosis has opened my eyes and my heart in a way that would have never been otherwise.

I just thought I'd share this. I know my initial diagnosis was frightening and it didn't seem to get easier. But now that I have resolved myself to living each day to its fullest, loving everything around me, and learning everything I can, the world doesn't seem such a bad place anymore.

I had taken on a very "why me" mentality at first, and that wasn't getting me anywhere. I was angry, I was mad as hell, depressed, upset, shaking, nervous and just full of negative emotions. Do yourself a favor when/if you ever feel like this. Take a step outside of your mind (I kid you not) and realize what the negativity is doing to you. Emotional stress impacts the body very physically. At a time when we should be concentrating on calm thoughts and happy thoughts, I was tearing myself up over something I a) couldn't change, b) didn't have ANY direct control over and c) didn't matter in the grand scheme of things. I have found my light again, tucked away in the confines of my mind, so buried under fear that I had forgotten its existence.

The light is called Hope! And I've learned that as long as you don't let it - nothing can make that light shine any less bright.

Here is to you all!!! My friends.... we have hope for ourselves and hope for one another.


JessicainCanada 02-23-2009 08:59 PM

Re: adenocarcinoma in situ -- cone biopsy
That was heartfelt, and so true. I find myself reading crappy medical journals (for school) and coming across anything remotely to do with the reproductive organs throws me into a tizzy. One peice of advice I'd give to someone just starting their journey for this would be to NOT read horror stories online like most of us have.

Three months ago I was a pretty happy go lucky person, good job,husband, almost done my degree and this very mild diagnosis has sunk it's claws into me and taken hold some days. So true about the effects of stress on the mind and the physical aftereffects also.

Thanks for your kind words and thoughts for us all :)....

Elizabeth1975 02-24-2009 02:25 PM

Best wishes Zoe96!!!
Just wanted to tell you I'll be thinking of you tomorrow with the clearest thoughts I can muster!!! Go get 'em!!!

luvbug412 02-24-2009 02:33 PM

Re: Best wishes Zoe96!!!
I second Elizabeth's thoughts!!!! Clean happy healthy thoughts coming your way!!!!

zoe96 02-24-2009 05:32 PM

Re: Best wishes Zoe96!!!
Thanks so much ladies!! That's very sweet of you. I will post an update as soon as possible....I am soooo ready to get this over with!!

Elizabeth1975 02-24-2009 05:41 PM

Re: Best wishes Zoe96!!!
Can't wait to hear how it goes. Please try to enjoy some of your down time!

Alix76 02-24-2009 06:32 PM

Re: Best wishes Zoe96!!!
Thinking of you hun.
Still don't have my results yet but I'm hoping for a positive (good) outcome for you and I both.
Let us know how you go.
Lots of love & hugs.

JessicainCanada 02-24-2009 06:59 PM

Re: Best wishes Zoe96!!!
Happy, healthy thoughts to you!!!!!....I will be thinking of you tonight and tommorow!. I'm so glad you have been a part of my ordeal and been there for me!......Go get em!


LilyL21 02-24-2009 07:06 PM

Re: Best wishes Zoe96!!!
Of course I will have you in my thoughts as well. Everything will go perfectly. I can feel it. :)

After you've had your rest, please make sure to check in with us and let know how you are doing!

Pickle Eyes 02-24-2009 07:43 PM

Re: Best wishes Zoe96!!!
Zoe, I've already written to you, but wanted to chime in with the well wishes!

You are surrounded by angels. Let them protect you and guard you. Then let them pour blessings upon you!

Many prayers are said for you, my dear lady!

zoe96 02-27-2009 11:08 AM

Re: adenocarcinoma in situ -- cone biopsy
Hi ladies!!

I will post a better reply later explaining my trachelectomy, but I wanted to let you all know that I am home from the hospital and am doing very well!! I have to wait about a week for final pathology, but according to my doctor the check of the sentinel nodes was negative, and I had a clear margin -- but he went back and took a little extra just to make sure, so he says I am just fine. My surgery ended up being a little over six hours, but he was able to reattach all of the arteries, blood vessels and nerves, which I guess doesn't always happen, so apparently I am very VERY lucky!!

I was released from the hospital a little less than 24 hours after waking up from surgery, and did have to go home with a catheter, which I will have for a week. Pain is very minimal (except for gas pain from anesthesia & positioning -- more on that later!!), and I feel even better after having come home and walking around. I am actually more comfortable standing/sitting straight up than I am laying down!

Thanks so much to all of your sweeties who have sent me so many good wishes. They must have worked, because I could not have asked for a better result!!!!

Elizabeth1975 02-27-2009 11:27 AM

Re: adenocarcinoma in situ -- cone biopsy
Yay! Yay! Yay! So glad to hear that everything went AND is going well!!!

Thank you for posting so soon -- I kept wondering how everything had gone with you. I think you've put a lot of our minds at ease!

Can't wait to hear more later.

zoe96 02-27-2009 12:03 PM

Re: Best wishes Zoe96!!!
Hi ladies --

Thanks so much for all of your well wishes -- they must have worked because I had a GREAT result from my trach! I posted under the thread I started (adenocarcinoma in situ -- cone biopsy), and will post a more detailed response later. Thanks so much for all of the support....I am very touched at your kindness!!!


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