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  • Should I be worried? Long......

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    Should I be worried? Long......

    Okay, so I came across these boards while searching on the net to see if I'm just being a huge hypochondriac. A little background - I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 at 29 yrs old. I'm now about 2 1/2 years out and found out I have ovarian cysts...blech!

    I had some problems with super heavy periods last fall (and still currently!) and had a transvaginal ultrasound. I was told there was nothing remarkable. This is what it said:

    "The uterus is anteflexed. The uterus is within the limits of normal
    for size. It is smooth in contour. The myometrium is fairly uniform.
    The endometrial stripe is secretory measured at 12 mm thick. There is
    a small amount of fluid in the endocervical canal.

    The right ovary measures 43 mm in greatest dimension. It contains a
    hypoechoic structure with a peripheral vascular enhancement measuring
    20 mm in diameter consistent with a corpus luteum. In addition there
    is a 14 mm in diameter follicular cyst.

    The left ovary measures 25 mm in greatest dimension and also contains
    a 7 mm in diameter follicular cyst.

    1. No abnormality is appreciated.
    2. Right ovarian corpus luteum."

    So, recently I've not only had heavy periods but frequent. I've started having one every other week!! ICK ICK ICK!!!! So, she repeated the transvag ultrasound and the new one says this:

    "The uterus is
    anteflexed. It is measured at 75 mm in greatest dimension. It is
    smooth in contour. The myometrium is fairly uniform. The endometrial
    stripe is early proliferative, well defined and without abnormality.
    The endocervical canal is thin.

    The right ovary is measured at 38 mm in greatest dimension. The left
    ovary is measured at 62 mm in greatest dimension. Multiple ovarian
    cysts are present. The left ovary has an anechoic cyst that measured
    45 x 55 x 56 mm. The right ovary has an anechoic cyst measuring 20 x
    21 x 26 mm. No pelvic mass or fluid is noted.

    1. Bilateral ovarian cysts with that on the left measuring 62 mm in
    greatest dimension.
    2. The uterus is well seen without abnormality."

    So, since I've had breast cancer, my doc (general practitioner) can't give me birth control and she's not sure what to do so she's sending me to a regular gynecologist. I wouldn't let her send me to the local one because when I found my lump she said to wait a ended up being grade 3 HER2+ breast cancer. If I would've listened it probably would've been more than stage 1. The wait and see method scares the heck outta me. So, long story short...since you gals seem to be very much in the know about all this and my studies ended with you think that I should be concerned? (Yes, I talk this much in person, too! )

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    Pickle Eyes
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    Re: Should I be worried? Long......

    Hi Jonahsmom, it is good to meet you, though I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. I'm glad to know you are 2.5 years out from the breast cancer diagnosis. Yay!

    From what I understand from both ultrasound reports, your ovaries sound normal. I don't know about there being more cysts reported on the 2nd report. There is a good chance they are normal.

    Your frequent and heavy periods could be caused by other things. You might have your doctor check out your thyroid. It can mess with your cycles. Fibroids can, too, but your uterus sounds like there aren't any problems there.

    Otherwise, I'm not sure what else to suggest. I think going to a gyn is a good idea, since your GP has run a standard test or two.

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    Re: Should I be worried? Long......

    Thanks Pickle Eyes! Made me feel better!

    My GP did check my thyroid first to be sure. She also did a pg test although I knew without a doubt that I was absolutely not PG! She said the thyroid test was fine, and the PG came out like I knew it would. I just had a follow up with my onc and my blood chemistry is all okay. The only thing that was off was my white blood cell count. But it's been slightly low pretty much since chemo. He's pretty sure it's just a long-term effect from the chemo. STUPID CHEMO!!!!!

    Anyway, thanks again for your response! Hopefully I'll be heading to the gyno next week to get their take on it. My GP office was supposed to fax the referral Tuesday and they didn't do it until after I called them today when I found out the clinic hadn't received it yet.

    I'm sure I'm just freaking for no reason, but my luck in the whole cancer dept. hasn't been great so far (one for one) so I'm a little gun shy.

    Oh, another reason that I had the ultrasound in November was because I had gross hematuria (blood in the urine) for a couple of weeks. My GP originally sent me to a urologist and I had a bladder scope done. He couldn't find a problem but did say that my uterus was pushing on my bladder. He said it was definitely NOT blood due to heavy menstruation and that it did come from the urinary tract somewhere, but couldn't find a reason for it. I haven't had it since, though, so I don't know what the situation was with that. I do wish that I didn't feel like I have to pee all the g-darn time, though!!! I have to remember to let the gyno know nothing is overlooked when I finally get to see them!

    I'll stop talking now.....

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    Re: Should I be worried? Long......


    I think that you are handling this very well in going to see a gynecologist. They will be able to offer you better options.

    From the sound of your report, your ovarian cysts look like the normal kind that all women get during their cycles (follicular and corpus luteum). 62 mm is getting up there in size but is not that unusual and these tend to come and go with your cycle so don't be too concerned. If you are worried about these, just go and have another ultrasound in a couple of months and make sure they are gone. I was told to do my ultrasounds during my menses (external ultrasound, of course, otherwise it could get messy) as this is when you are the least likely to see cysts.

    Your endometrial stripe may be a bit on the thick side and you should ask your new gyne about this. Usually irregular bleeding with an endometrial stripe of anything greater than 1 cm may need a D & C. This usually takes care of the problem. This is a very common occurence and one of the most common causes of irregular bleeding. If you are concerned about this, you can have an endometrial biopsy to check for abnormal cells in the uterine lining. This is a quick and easy test that is done in the doctor's office. No anaesthetic is necessary but take a couple of ibuprofen beforehand as this will minimize any cramping (the physician puts a "straw" into your uterus and sucks out some tissue for analysis). I assume that you are up to date on your pap smears, right ? If not, this will also have to be done.

    As for the blood in your urine along with your feeling like you need to go all of the time. This sounds an awful lot like a urinary tract or bladder infection. Talk to your gyne about this as well and perhaps they may prescribe you some anti-biotics. If you do end up taking anti-biotics for a bladder infection, make sure that you also take probiotics (found in yoghurt or in capsule form). Anti-biotics kill indiscriminately ... both bad and good bacteria, and can screw up the balance of bacteria in your colon. Probiotics prevent this from happening and allow you to kill only the bad bacteria that are causing your infection.

    Don't worry about being a hypochondriac and a talker. You can also call yourself "cautious" and "communicative" .. these are very positive qualities in a person.

    All the best to you and I hope that your gynecologist will be able to help.

    Best Regards,


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