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RubySiobhan 09-09-2010 10:34 AM

Severe cervical dysplasia, 3rd biopsy, post-LEEP?
Hi, I'm quite new here... I've read some of the kind and helpful responses to other questions, but never been much of a presence on the board nor gotten up the courage to post. So, greetings to all! Thank you for providing such a wonderful community of caring people willing to help one another.

My question requires a bit of background:

I'm 25 years old, from a very low-income family background, and I, as a result of that and some other circumstances, had my first PAP in 2009 when I was 24, around the beginning of the year. Now, I'd only had one sexual relationship at this point (and I'm still with him now) and had never had any negative signs or symptoms, but still I was much overdo for a GYNO visit.
Saved the money, went to planned parenthood in my city.
They told me they'd call me with results from the basic exam and PAP in a week to two weeks. They called me at work 2 days later instead, and told me I had severe dysplasia and cancerous cells. This worried me, certainly, but I felt like I was in competent hands and, hey, this happens to a lot of young women, right?
So they scheduled me for a colposcopy through our University Medical center for low-income families. They took biopsies from three sites and I waited for the results.
This is where it gets kind of frustrating; I was told I'd receive a letter with the colposcopy results. After waiting for about a month, I started calling the office. When I finally got through to someone, she looked at my chart while I was on the phone and said that the results had come back as much milder than the initial PAP had shown and that I didn't require any further action.
After that, about a week later, I finally DID receive the aforementioned letter and it explained that I DID have very severe dysplasia and cancerous cells and that a LEEP or Cryo procedure was %100 necessary. I went back to the University OBGYN and had this confirmed, and ended up going through the LEEP procedure. Everything went well enough, and I stopped worrying about the mixed results I'd received.
They told me to keep going for PAPs every three months at first, because I was considered high risk.
At the first return PAP, I received a clean bill of health, NO dysplasia at all.
Then I had a long year, with many new stresses, including multiple family illnesses, two family deaths, and being laid off from my job. I was out of town a lot with relatives.
When I finally did manage to reschedule my follow up PAP, it was about 2 months or more past the date they'd wanted to have me in the office for follow up.
I waited two weeks for results and was told that the dysplasia was back, moderately severe. I had another colposcopy, where they took from 2 sites.
Now, it's been a month and I keep trying to get my results, no letter, no call-backs from the DR. I did finally get in touch with a woman from the office, who looked at my chart and confirmed that it was severe again, but told me that "if she had to guess," once the DR DID look over my results, she'd probably tell me not to have surgery, but to wait 3 months and be monitored by PAP tests. She couldn't tell me why they would just let it go for 3 months, and she couldn't tell me when the actual DR would go over my results and formally instruct me.

So... is it normal to be told that severe dysplasia has returned, but to wait for any kind of treatment? I don't have the income to keep doing this several times a year, but it is beginning to seem as if I'll have to. Obviously I don't want this to develop any further.
Will it go away if I wait, as they said? I just wish I had a DR who would talk to me and explain what exactly is happening.

My cousin just died from a very aggressive oral cancer that they THINK was initially caused by HPV... I was with her when she passed, and she left two lovely children motherless. I'm just worried, for many reasons. Worried that because of my financial status, I may not be in good hands?
But then, if this experience is familiar to any of you, perhaps I'm overly concerned...

Thank you for reading my insanely long post. I really appreciate what you guys do here.

All the best,


pandorasbox1974 09-09-2010 08:06 PM

Re: Severe cervical dysplasia, 3rd biopsy, post-LEEP?
can you find another doc. becouse i would not wait.i had severe dysplasia/CIN III and my doc sent me to a gyno and she did a leep with in two weeks. i have had complications since then from the leep and my 6 mo pap came back with mild doc and i are talking about doing hysterectomy not so much becouse of the dysplasia but becouse since the leep my cervix bleeds after intercourse,paps you name it and it bleeds. anyhow you need to find someone who gives a damn about your concerns and has time to talk to you about them.

armychicmkm 09-10-2010 12:48 PM

Re: Severe cervical dysplasia, 3rd biopsy, post-LEEP?
Call the county Department of Health and Human Services for where you live. It may have a slightly different name where you're at. There is something that is called the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Act. This is a national program. It allows for women with low to moderate income to receive care under Medicaid for treatment and prevention of Cervical Cancer. The way it works here in Michigan is you go to the County's Family Planning (again it may have a different name for you) - not the private, non-profit ones - I believe you have to meet the income guidelines - They do a pap free of charge. If the results come back abnormal you are enrolled in the program and can fill out the Medicaid application. I don't know what the wait time is to get the approval letter. It's different everywhere. Many OB/GYNs participate in this program so you should be able to get much better care than what you have gotten so far. IMHO what you have gotten so far is deplorable. Good luck.

doninic 09-16-2010 05:15 PM

Re: Severe cervical dysplasia, 3rd biopsy, post-LEEP?
hi eileen, no u should not wait if its severe i had a colposcopy in may last year after my first smear came back abnormal i hav 2 kids 5 and 2. im 28 now they might not worry because of your age but i dont think they understand that age doesnt scared now coz im only married 3 weeeks and i plan to have another baby next year but i am worried now incase of complications.i didnt think it could come back severe again if u had treatment already was it a different site where it returned?

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