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hannahthai 12-19-2010 02:15 AM

worried and uncertain
about 5 months ago i noticed i had a lump on my cervix, i was also having extreamly bad menstral pains. i am in thailand so i went to a clinic there, they just gave me anti biotics. after that i went to a different hopital i did a pap smear. the results came back as abnormal but inconclusive they advised me to re take the test in six months. now i have notice that there is a bad smell , and sex can be painful also my dicharge has become very thick white but sometimes watery and clear. today i felt the surface of my cervix to check the lump the surface feels different, almost like it has spread or is disolving, its hard to explain! i am still in thailand and am not due to leave until february, but i live on quite a small island. i dont know what the best thing is to do . im only 22

Kali333 12-19-2010 09:32 AM

Re: worried and uncertain
Your ASCUS PAP could've been the result of a minor infection. Antibiotics and a repeat PAP at a later time is the standard treatment. If there were precancerous cells detected, they would've handled it differently (referred you for colposcopy, biopsy, and treatment).

You may have a cervical polyp.
They are common, and are benign in 99.9999% of cases, lol.
Do some research on "cervical polyps".
I just had one removed. it was not only so large it was obstructing the hole in my cervix, but it was also causing me to have intermenstrual bleeding (they bleed easily). It was, of course, benign. It's the third one I've had. They do tend to recur, if you're prone to them.

Cervical polyp: http://women.*****.com/tc/cervical-polyps-topic-overview

Your symptoms match the symptoms I was having with my cervical polyps: they can cause a heavy discharge, as they tend to become infected easily.
They're pretty nasty, actually, which is a good reason to have them removed, even though they're practically [I]always[/I] benign.
If you have a polyp and it was infected at the time you got your PAP, that could account for the ASCUS result you got.
Let me repeat, though, that these are in no way life-threatening or dangerous. They are simply a nuisance problem, a very common one that many women deal with.

If the lump on your cervix is hard, it may not be a polyp (polyps are mushy).
It may be a cyst. Cysts on your cervix are common, and nearly always benign. They require no treatment, because they go away on their own after awhile.
Do some research on "nabothian cysts".

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If it makes you feel better, cervical cancer does not feel like a lump on your cervix.
It's not something you can feel at all, and it's not something the doctor can usually see with the naked eye (not until very late stage, anyway).
It's microscopic cells that can only be detected in a lab, under magnification.
That's why women get invasive cervical cancer- because there aren't many obvious signs and symptoms.

I think we hear so much about breast lumps/ breast cancer that we tend to think [I]any[/I] type of cancer presents as a "lump".
But most cancers are not that obvious.
Cervical cancer typically develops over many years; hyperplasia, the precursor, is usually symptomless, and cannot be felt or seen. It can only be detected by PAP, which is why it's so important to keep up with your yearly PAPs, and catch any problem while it's still easily treatable.

So do see a doctor at your convenience, but don't worry too much in the meantime: a "lump" on your cervix is likely to be a benign polyp or cyst, and highly [I]unlikely[/I] to be anything more serious, because cervical cancer simply doesn't present that way.

Good luck! :)

Kali333 12-22-2010 06:47 PM

Re: worried and uncertain
[QUOTE=hannahthai;4646069]thank for the advice... do you have any ideas about the smell and the discharge. i know is not vb or a yeast infectionand iv be for an sti test..[/QUOTE]

Well, varying types of discharge are normal at different points in your cycle.
The first week or week-and-a-half after your period ends, you'll have little to no discharge; it becomes heavy around ovulation- usually clear and watery and sort of slimy- and then after ovulation until you start your period again, thick and white is pretty normal.

As for the "smell"... it's normal for vaginas to have some smell to them, unless they've just been washed. But if it's a bad smell and you've never noticed it before now, there probably is some imbalance in the Ph of your vagina. This could be a bacterial infection, not necessarily sexually transmitted (if it was yeast, you'd know... discharge would be white and clumpy like cottage cheese, and it itches like crazy).
Vaginal Ph imbalances are common and often simply caused by hormone fluctuations. It may go back to normal on its own, or you may need to see a doctor about some medication.
I would definitely mention to the doctor that you've recently noticed an odor- unless it's completely, overpoweringly foul, if you don't mention it, the doctor probably won't know (since the doctor doesn't know what you [I]normally[/I] smell like, and so has nothing to compare it to).
So do be sure and mention it.

The discharge, which you describe as "very thick white but sometimes watery and clear" sounds completely normal to me, especially if the "thick white" stuff is in the second half of your cycle and the "clear watery" stuff is in the middle, around ovulation.

Good luck. :)

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