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jjozoom33 04-04-2011 10:26 AM

Large Cystic Lesion- Right Adnexa
For the last few years I've had several complications with my health. Most recently I have been to the doctor for a mass in my abdomen which I thought was a hernia. A CT scan showed that it wasn't but my doctor was uncertain about what it was so referred me to OB/GYN. She told me that it was a large cystic lesion on my right adnexa.

With this my symptoms are:
*sudden increase in size of mass (feels like the size of a small nerf football)
*abdominal bloating
*sense of feeling full
*dizzy and tired
*feels like pressure on my bladder
*sometimes I have shortness of breath
*trouble losing weight
*tolerable pains in various abdominal areas

Does this sound like something you are familar with? I'm scared and have to wait for my appointment. I don't know what to expect from my appointment. Please help:confused:

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