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GiniMarie 08-20-2011 03:20 PM

25 severe dysplasia/squamous carcinoma in-situ..No clue what it all means
I had a pap done in April the results were moderate to severe dysplasia. I then had a biopsy done in June which came back severe dysplasia so I had a LEEP done in July and the results are this....Extensive server squamous dysplasia, Focal squamous carcinoma in-situ, Dysplastic changes extending close to endrocervical margin of excision within <0.1 in multipule blocks.
The microscopic description is this- The specimen consists of sections of uterine cervix demonstrating extensive severe squamous dysplasia involving surface epithelum and focally extending into endrocervical glands. In multifocal areas this dysplasia closely approaches the endrocervical margin. Focal squamous carcinoma in-stiu is evident in block 2. No invasion identified.

In 2009 I had my pap come back with just mild to moderate dysplasia. My doctor isnt very clear on what these results mean and basically just told me that he was sending me to a specailist to see what to do because it is progressing quicker than it should be in someone my age.

My app isnt for 2 weeks and the questions about what all this means is driving me crazy. I understand that I dont have invasive cancer but not about what it is or what I am suppose to do about it I dont want a doctor pushing treatments on me that are to severe for the problem I am having I also dont want to pick a treatment that wont solve the problem...And if its progressing so quickly then how can they be sure with the leep that it isnt deeper than they think?

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