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stressD 09-24-2011 09:04 AM

2 leeps in year and 1/2 & now cone! Anyone had this bad?
I am a 40 yr old active, healthy female. Already had my kids(now 9 and 12). Was diagnosed with HPV at age 19 when I had a bad pap. Had to have Cone laser surgery done and had fine paps ever since. UNTIL a year and a half ago. Came back severe dysplasia. I about died! Dr did a LEEP. Margins clear. 4 months later pap was fine. At about a year, pap bad again. Did another LEEP. This time he said he was going to take alot of my cervix to really make sure he got it. It sucked and I have had some pain there off and on ever since. But he got it all and margins clear.

Just went for my 4 month and pap severe [B]again[/B]. This time he scheduled me for a Cone Biopsy. I am pretty freaked out that within 4 months my dysplasia returned so fiercly. Has anyone else gone thru this many procedures in such a short amount of time?? Also, does anyone know how much a Cone Biopsy costs? We do not have insurance (I know bad) but my husband had gotten laid off. We were in the process of researching it when all this went down.

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