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greenThumbs2 11-25-2011 08:07 PM

Increased SED RATE
Did anyone have an increased SED rate during their diagnosis? I started having what I suspected to be ovulation pain soon after my last period, like the day it stopped. Usually this does not happen for at least a week or so after my period. I also had pressure and gas. The pain would ease if I was able to pass some gas or have a bowel movement. I took some Advil and the pain eased but was still there. I had an appointment with my GP and explained the pains and he ordered a sed rate test during my blood work tests. The sed rate came back elevated at 38. I have a gyn appointment Monday and I was trying to hold out but had to take some more Advil. The pain has eased even more now. I will definitely bring all of this up to my gyn on Monday. Just wondering if anyone experienced any of these symptoms.

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