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wonderingmind 03-25-2012 06:59 AM

Confused- HPV Bad pap question
Hi all, here is a quick summary of my past medical problems. 13 years ago I was told I had severe dysplasia. I had the leep procedure done. The next pap indicated that it was still there, so back to the hospital I went for yet another leep. This all took place during a 4 month period. Then I had 3 clean paps after that. Then about a year later I started getting bad paps again coming back as mild. This continued over the 10 years. I get colonoscopies done once or twice a year. They were coming back as mild. About a month ago I had a pap come back with signifigate change. She said she wanted to do another colonoscopy. This time she did an endometrial canal biopsy along with it. She called me the other night at 9:00 pm and said it came back mod to severe and it was about a half an inch long. She is referring me to another doctor in the practice. She wasn't real informational in this conversation. She just said maybe another leep, this new doctor would talk more with me about my options at my next appointment. My question is has anyone else been through anything similar? I am very scared and worried.

Thanks for any comments. Lisa

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