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ro47 04-27-2012 03:10 PM

Worried about elevated Ca-125
I started having bloating (more upper abdominal) lump and mucus feeling in throat with occasional mild heartburn and went to my gyno because it was time for my annual pap. I just mentioned these symptoms to him and he said it sounded like gerd. He said when he examined me that my uterus felt "knobby" inside and said I might possibly have fibroids. He has said this in the past and I've had several ultrasounds over the years and never found fibroids. They always found my endometrial lining thicker that it should be and then I have endometrial biopsies which have always been fine. Anyway, I mentioned the bloating and said I was a little concerned about ovarian cancer. He didn't seem concerned and just told me to take prilosec and gaviscon for two weeks. Anyway, that didn't help my reflux problem so I went to a gastro who did an egd which showed a small hiatal hernia. I think I have lpr, which causes the acid to go up into your throat. I am planning on seeing an ENT about it. Anyway, I called my gyno back a few weeks later and just asked if they could do a ca-125 just to ease my mind. (I just wonder if I had ovarian cancer, maybe it was the cause of this sudden acid reflux which I've never had before) He went ahead and let me do the blood test. Well today, his nurse called and said they got the results and I have to come in to talk to him. Evidentally it was elevated, but she wouldn't tell me anything more. Now I have to wait the weekend before I talk to him. I assume he will order an ultrasound. The other symptom I've been having for the last couple weeks is like a mild, burning, irritation type feeling in my low pelvic area. Almost feels like a mild UTI, but I went to a walk in clinic yesterday and my urine is clear. Sorry this is so long, I have read that you can easily have a false positive on the ca-125. I have had endometriosis since I was young, guess I still do. Just hoping everything is okay, kinda worried he wants to see me.

ro47 04-30-2012 02:03 PM

Re: Worried about elevated Ca-125
Well I went to my gyno today. My ca125 was 9. I really thought that it was elevated because the nurse sounded so urgent that I talk to the doctor. He really isnt concerned that I have ovarian cancer but he has ordered an ultrasound to check to see if I have fibroids. The nurse said that this heavy feeling I have in my lower abdomen (kinda feels like I need to urinate when I don't) may be because my estrogen is probably dropping off and I am really dry up in the vaginal area. Hoping that's all it is.

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