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Miss Lissa 07-21-2012 10:56 PM

probably nothing but had a question about PAP smear
Hello, first of all I have no cervix, I had a complete hysterectomy due to cancer, but I know it is possible to get cancer where the ovaries were even if there are no ovaries so I assume you can get it on the vaginal cuff they made as well. I have had perfect grade 1 normal PAP smears ever since I started having them, even when I had ovarian and endometrial cancer. I had a PAP in January and was told this past Friday (I get checked every 6 months now) that the PAP in Jauary was ASCUS, which I understand is just on the other side of normal and a long way from cancer, but I am still concerned and confused. They did a PAP yesterday and I am assuming if it is alarming to them they will let me know, otherwise I see them for the next in January again. Anyway I am going through a variety of health problems now with many specialists trying to decide what is their turf and what to pass on to another doctor and it is frustrating and if you are like me, once you have been told it's cancer, you never stop worrying it is back and every abnormal symptom is cause for concern.

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