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lindsalou 12-05-2012 02:11 PM

Scared and confused!
Hey, wondering if anyone has any advice. Had a transvaginal scan done (for heavy/painful periods) and discovered I have a 4cm complex cyst on right ovary (plus a few simple cysts). CA125 slighty raised at 32. Gyne has ordered a CT scan and will review me after a meeting with other docs (I was told this is in case its attached to bowel or bladder and they need input from urologist/general surgeon). Obviously Im scared to death. Question is I had a scan early this year and that was clear, so wondered if this is worst case scenario if this has been caught relatively early?
Spoke to gyne and they have agreed that what ever the outcome they will perform a hysterectomy (at my request).
Anyone had similar experiance good or bad?
Many thanks

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