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amberx0 03-06-2013 07:34 PM

Abnormal papsmears and HIV ?
I'm 18 nd I have have 2 abnormal Pap smears already my doctor wanted me to get a colposcopy but they needed 3 so I went to get another papsmear and they called me today, I'm almost 100 percent are its abnormal again.. Almos lt a year ago I was at m friends house and walked home drunk alone randomly and I don't remember getting home, anything could have happened so I have been so terrified something happened and now I have HIV or something . I finally grew some balls and asked my doctor for a test and I'm going in April. I'm terrified Its going to be positive and he that's why I'm getting abnormal papsmears/cancer. I'm also allergic to things I haven't been allergic to before. Am I over thinking ? My doctor said its very in normal for me to have an abnormal papsmear at his age.
Please helpp!!!

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