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Loz23 10-05-2005 02:46 AM

very worried any information
I have had a change in bowel habit for about 6 week (with bout of needing to rush to the toilet after eating then to not being able to go even though I have the feeling, accompanied by a nearly continues ache in my stomach and left side stabbing pains occasionally and low back pain, I haven't noticed any blood!) do these symptoms indicate bowel cancer as I am very worried and scared, i have made a doctors appointment but could not get in for another 2 weeks and now i'm panicking a little I am only 25.

any ideas as I am very worried abou this

jaydees 10-06-2005 07:51 PM

Re: very worried any information
At 25 it is less likely though certainly not impossible that it is colon cancer.

A word about symtoms though. The body only has a set repotoire of symptoms and a great number of things that can cause them. therefore even if one displays symtoms of one illness one may very well have something else that also includes those symtoms.

The change in bowel habits you describe and the pain do indicate a bowel problem and perhaps a blockage. they could also be indicative of a part of the bowel that is not functioning as well as it should. There are several causes for both and , yes, colon cancer is on that list.

Do you exercise or does your job have you doing physical work?
Do you eat well and more to the point have you been eating well for the last 7 (not just 6) weeks? That means plenty of liquids(coffee doesn't count nor do any alcoholic beverages) and foods with enough fiber and less fats.
Have you tried any laxitives?
Have you ever had problems with hemmerhoids?
Have you seen a doctor yet? You should. He may reccomend a colonoscopy, a barium enema or a CT or PETscan. Do you have insurance or are you in a country that has universal health care? If in the USA with insurance you should have little problem, if you are in Canada or the Uk for instance then your problem may be only getting on a wait list for those procedures though in my case I was in to see a surgeon the week after my doctor thought I needed to and in for a colonoscopy the next week after that.
If you are paying then the barium enema is probably the least expensive and should show any blockages in the colon. In all cases make sure you follow the prep procedure well.

(I am Canadian BTW)

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