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  • please help!!!!

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    Old 03-21-2006, 03:11 PM   #1
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    veryworried1983 HB User
    please help!!!!

    **Firstly have posted this on bowel dissorders too, i dont mean to annoy anyone i am just so desperate for any info** Thankyou

    Hi all i was really hoping someone could offer advice or info on my following problem.

    The Problem
    Ive been bleeding rectally for about a year, usually when i go to the toilet but sometimes i can bleed without actually going. The amount of blood is usually around a teaspoon but has been ALOT more on occasions where it has turned the water in the toilet bowl completely red and filled many tissues.

    I have bad stomach pains, sharp cutting like pains which are prodominatly located left hand side just under ribs and left hand side pubic region. but they can spread across my stomach. which i can describe as a sharp knife been dragged around my insides.

    My bowel motions are never consistant, for example one day will be liquid like, the next will be like dark rocks..(sorry for the nasty descripton )

    Whats been done
    Ive been to the doctor on many occasions ans have had no answers and the pain and the bleeding keep getting worse.

    Ive had rectal exams and piles and hemmeroids and fissures have been ruled out.
    Ive had a colonoscopy and they said everything seemed ok,
    Ive had creams to no avail.
    I eat healthy and have alot of fibre, i drink lots of water, i have those probiotic drinks etc...

    Whats next?? i really need answers, this is affecting me badly and is really getting me down, ive been off work for last 4 weeks, im just at my wits end, please has anyone got any info or had similar problem?????


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    Re: please help!!!!

    Hi there, my name is Christy. I have been recently diagnosed with colon ca in my large intestine, I am newly 29. From the 1983 in your handle, I take it you're about 21? May I ask where you're located, what state or general location? I ask because I can send you some info on trying to find another doctor.

    Also, have you seen the same doctor for this for the entire year? When did you have your colonscopy? Did you get copies of your medical records? Have you had a catscan (CT) of your abdomen and pelvic? Are you running a temperature with this? Do you have an HMO where you have to go to certain doctors? Do you have any family history of colon disorders or bowel problems?

    A) If you have seen the same doctor for the entire year, and if they aren't a gastroenterologist (GI doc) then I would find another one, even if they are, I would find another one. Whatever is going on, it's not a normal function, that is a lot of blood you're passing. You should get a CBC done, a complete blood count, that will tell you what your hemoglobin and hematocrit is, if you're losing a substantial amount of blood, which sounds like you have over a period of time, that could affect your blood count, and in return your iron count, and in return you may experience chest pains and shortness of breath. I am not saying this to scare you, just to make you aware, I was losing blood through my stool, microscopically and both visually, and I became anemic from it and had to have a two blood transfusions and that was only for 6 months. I would get a SECOND OPINION FAST, it's not a normal function, and is obviously causing you so much dysfunction that you cannot work. Everyone has hemmoroids my colon rectal surgeon at washington hospital in DC told me, it just depends on how much they affect you, some don't have any problems, others have severe.

    Regarding the left sided pain, that could be related to diverticulitis, but you shouldn't be passing that much blood and you would probably be running a temp off and on, a friend of mine had it and the left sided pain generally indicates diverticulitis.

    You have to be careful with eating TOO much fiber, it's not good for stool to sit in your colon for long periods of time, and too much fiber in your diet can cause constipation, etc.

    I would seek another doctor and demand an abd/pelvic CT at the very least, a PETscan would help rule out cancer, although it's not 100% accurate, you can go to [url][/url] and read about CTs and PetScans there.

    Whatever you do, get a second opinion, we do this everyday with our cars, etc., don't hesitate to do it with your life, and if you have an HMO, call your health insurance company and tell them you want to switch your primary care doctor if they won't give you a referral to someone else. It's your body
    don't take just anything from your doctor, when I see a doctor, I tell them what I expect from them, if I am not happy, I will seek someone else. I expect them to be upfront with me, listen to my concerns and questions, no one knows my body better than me, etc., that might sound a little conceited or neurotic but I don't care, it's my life, not theirs or anyone elses. You can get online and look up cancer center treatments of america, they have some info on there.

    I hope this helps, keep us posted, and let me know if I can help you out further, good luck .

    P.S. Bright red blood usually indicates bleeding near the rectum, dark red blood means it is more into the colon, and black stool or tarry stools indicate a bleed in the large intestine.

    Again, I don't mean to scare you, I am just trying to inform you.

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    veryworried1983 HB User
    Re: please help!!!!

    Thankyou so much christy for replying.

    Firstly im located in England, Lincolnshire and i am 22 years of age.

    Ive seen about 3 different GP's at my doctors surgery and have appointments to see a doctor at hospital (general surgery clinic) i most recently saw him again on the 15th of march, and AGAIN he examined my rectum with a camera and found nothing, and seemed shocked when i described that i was bleeding, his reply was "you shouldn't be bleeding because there's no evidence of piles or hemmoroids or fissures" and seemed quite puzzled to this, so yet again im having another blood test and thats all, my last blood tests turned out ok but these were months and months ago.

    I have had no scans of any kind.

    And as to the fibre, ive been told to have plenty of fibre by my doctors..

    The blood is usually quite red and bright, but stools can be very dark and tar like.

    I suppose i never question what they say because their the 'experts' and i get made to feel like it's nothing to worry about!! and because of this i don't speak up and ask for 'what else can be done'

    Again thankyou so much for your advice..

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