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ccel1 01-10-2007 09:10 AM

I'm Concerned Please Help!
Hey i'm just 21 yrs old, and have been expierencing a number of changes
in my bowl habits, such as blood in the stool ect.. i have been to my
doctor many times, and he just relates it 2 anxiety! but cause i get
anxious alot and worry about my health.. i'm worried about it being
something serious.. i have had verious blood tests which have all come back
negative.. just had an abdominal scan which the doc gave me, i'm
currently awaiting the results, i don't kno if an abdominal scan would show a
problem in the colon or bowl? i have asked 2 see a specialist in this
area, but because of my age, and my examination he doesnt think their is
any need.. i'm really concerned! it would be of help if someone could
tlk 2 me about this.. i also had a fecal occult blood test which i'm
awaiting the results for, i would appreciate it if someone got back 2 me
on this! i mean i'm just 21 is it possible for their 2 be a problem?

ccel1 01-10-2007 10:21 AM

Re: I'm Concerned Please Help!
Can any1 help i'm worried :(

hiswife1 01-10-2007 03:30 PM

Re: I'm Concerned Please Help!
Hi, I can't really give you any answers, but wanted to say welcome. Try not to worry so much while you are waiting on your results. I know, that is easier said than done but it really can be something that is not serious. But if you aren't comfortable with the answers you get, then keep at the doctor until he will order a colonoscopy or even contact a gastro. doctor yourself. Good luck and let us know what you find out.:) dee

ccel1 01-10-2007 04:25 PM

Re: I'm Concerned Please Help!
Thanks dee, i appreciate you stoping by.. i need help with this.. i already have ocd.. about my health.. and noticing what i have told you has just made me panic! whats your situation? do you have any problems in this area? and another thing, i have read so many pages by surfing the net to find out if its a problem that is something serious.. and alot of the syptoms match up which worries me! but i have been to the doctor and been examined and he has told me 100% that their isnt a problem and because your just 21 these things don't occur in young men or young women, is he correct? i mean everywhere i read it says screening starts at age 50 and 40 if you have family history! but 21? and i have kept on at him and he won't give me a colonscopy he saw i was panickin, but he didnt think their was any need for one.. he just did x-ray of my abdoman which i hope is ok.. and i duno if you know about the occult fecal blood test? which was embaressing having to do.. like i said my blood tests have all been normal also, i have been A&E loads and loads of times seein different doctors they have had enough of me now and don't take me seriously.. they just relate it to anixety, but how can noticing blood be related to anxiety? it doesnt always happen it sometimes is hidden inside the stool and doesnt appear to the naked eye.

Je23 01-10-2007 06:17 PM

Re: I'm Concerned Please Help!
Okay...don't listen to them when they tell you colon cancer is an old person's disease! There are [I]so many[/I] people under the age of 50 who get colon and rectal cancers! I'm not trying to scare you, the chances of you having cancer are slim, but you push for the colonoscopy ASAP. It's your health. My friend's brother was [B]22 when he was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer[/B], and he only had a little blood in his stool as a symptom and no family history whatsoever. 22! I have been having suspicious things going on and my gp is pushing for a colonoscopy, and I'm only 17. Like many on this board will tell you, this sort of cancer does not discriminate against age. Sure it's more common in older folks, but it does occur in younger people as well. If anything else, getting a full colonoscopy will put your mind at ease. It's probably 'roids, or maybe some sort of colitis, but you'll never know until you get checked. This is why I am pushing it for myself.

Remember, it's your health!!

ccel1 01-11-2007 04:15 AM

Re: I'm Concerned Please Help!
Well i think i'm goin 2 see a different GP at my practise because the guy i see doesnt want to give me a colonscopy! i have tried and tried.. he has examined me and not seen any need to.. he gave me an abdoman scan and the fecal blood test.. i'm currently awaiting results! in london they have their rules i don't know if its the same in the US but you have to be 40 before you can have a colonscopy because doctors don't think people of my young age can be effected by this! he promised me 100% their wasnt anything to worry about even tho i mentioned the blood ect.. so i don't know what to do? have you ever noticed lighter stools?? not dark brown but like a lighter brown.. like the colour of pine wood but very light.

Je23 01-11-2007 10:12 AM

Re: I'm Concerned Please Help!
Yes actually. Not all the time, but on a few occasions my stools have been very pale. Sometimes almost gray. This could just be a reflection of what I'm eating though. And that's great that you're agressively pursuring a colonoscopy! You'd be surprised at how many people who were supposedly "too young" to have colon cancer actually had it, but had to really fight in order to get scoped, whether that meant getting a new doc or paying for a colonscopy themselves. At least if you get one, you'll know for sure what's going on, and you'll no longer be worrying so much. :)

ccel1 01-11-2007 10:57 AM

Re: I'm Concerned Please Help!
I got the results of the abdoman scan which showed no abnormalities! was at the hospital and the doctor yet again examined me and said i was fine.. and i'm to young to have any problem with my bowls.. the abdominal scan apparently checks if their's a problem with your bowls? everything was fine anyway, but it hasnt changed the syptoms or the way i'm feeling.

Je23 01-11-2007 07:01 PM

Re: I'm Concerned Please Help!
I still urge you to see if a different doc if possible. I'm not sure about this, but I don't believe inflammatory bowel diseases suchs as Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis can be detected by a scan such as that, and one of those might be what is causing your issues. There has to be [I]someone[/I] in London who will take you seriously and at least get a sigmoid scope done.

dancing feet 01-11-2007 07:56 PM

Re: I'm Concerned Please Help!
Find another doctor. A colonoscopy is essential. I have a history of colon cancer in my family. The first question the doctor asked me when I went for my physical was if I noticed any blood in my stool. I go for a colonoscopy regularly. Every 5 years if there are no polyps. Once the doctor removed 2 polyps and I had to go back 3 years later for another colonoscopy. Colon cancer has a high rate of success if caught in the early stages. Cancer crosses all boundaries; young, old, black, white, etc. Granted, you may hear of it more often in the elderly but it does strike the young as well. After you have the test (and hopefully, it will be negative), at least you can put your mind at ease. Keep pressuring for the colonoscopy. Good Luck!:angel:

ccel1 01-12-2007 11:00 AM

Re: I'm Concerned Please Help!
Well i'm 21 and it doesnt run in my family, so it runs in yours did you say? family history means mother, father, grandparents.. what if your cousin had colon cancer? you would inherit it like that would you.. it would be if your mom or dad had it or your grandparents, which i don't believe any of my family have had bowl cancer anyway, maybe a cousin had a different cancer but not bowl, i mean the abdominal scan should detect abnormalities from what i have been told! it came back normal, so i duno.. my doctor has examined me loads of times, i have had loads exam me, but have found me to be ok.. had loads of blood tests to.. i have still asked for the colonscopy but because i'm just 21 my doctor has told me 100% and i have been promised that i can't have anything serious their not at my age, as i'm 21 and it effects people in their late 30's onwards.. and if family history is involved late 20's.. but like i said i have looked in that and my mom and dad are good, my nan is ok.. my other grandparents arent with us anymore but they died at an old age anyway but i'm not sure how exactly.

ccel1 01-13-2007 05:05 PM

Re: I'm Concerned Please Help!
Yeh, did u have any family history with it tho being only 26, its hard to believe at 26.. its an diease of the ageing.. i had a an abdominal scan that was fine! i have been up and down 2 the hospital a million times, and the doctors.. million doctors have checked me and said the same thing that i'm ok! but i still don't fill comfortable and am still gettin syptoms which i have discussed with them, i have also been private for 2nd opinions.. where i had blood tests ect.. and recently the ab scan which was all normal! and the doc said he promised me 100% with his medical profession that i'm ok and i do not need to worry.

d's girl 01-17-2007 11:41 AM

Re: I'm Concerned Please Help!
I think if you had a CT scan of your abdomen that came back normal, you shouldn't really worry about colon cancer. But I do think you still need to get a colonoscopy. I have ulcerative colotis. Blood in the stool was my first symptom. Usually people have diarrhea but I didn't. It's not a life threatening illness but is chronic and needs to be managed. I was 23 when I was diagnosed and it does usually show up in people in their twenties.

Hope things turn around for you.

Anders 01-17-2007 11:57 PM

Re: I'm Concerned Please Help!
I'm going to recommend that you see/find another doctor, while it is rare to get colon cancer in your twenties, I know 2 people that were diagnosed with it. There is another site, where most of the people ARE under age 50 with colon cancer, and many of them ARE in their twenties.

Chances are you are O.K. but it's your health and your life that you are dealing with. Your doctor is looking at the probabilityy (which I believe is out of date), and not you, the individual. Find a doctor who will listen to you.

I was diagnosed at the age of 46, with NO family history. I had rectal bleeding, all my test came back normal, and hemmorrids do run in my family. My doctor figured this rectal bleeding would be a good excuse to get my baseline colonoscopy done early in life. It was shock to him, my GI doctor and me to be diagnosed with rectal cancer.

Good luck,


toonarmy 01-21-2007 01:24 AM

Re: I'm Concerned Please Help!
Change your doctor kick and scream for a colonoscopy you say your bowel habits have changed and blood and mucus in stools classic signs my wife who is 38 had same symptoms you must push for 2nd opinion. my wife had bloods taken came up ngeative when she had stage 3 tumor in lower bowel and had spread to rectum and gone through bowel wall to attatch to spinre in pelvis

the colonoscopy should tell you one way or other but keep trying dont give up
all the best and good luck

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