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momfromwi 05-15-2007 10:07 AM

For those of you who have had colon cancer...
...what do you think about my husband's symptoms. For about the past 12 days, he has been experiencing diarrhea and a feeling as if his stomach is always "full", like his food is not digesting and the feeling is not relieved after a bowel movement. He is also having red blood in his stool and in the toilet. He is unable to to tell if the blood is from hemmoroids because of the diarrhea--unable to identify if there are "streaks" of blood or not. He has a sudden, urgency to go several times (maybe 5 to 10), times per day.

Last Friday (4 days ago), he went to a family doctor who gave him a blood test and an xray of his abdominal area. The blood test must have been normal because no one ever called us back about it. The xray showed he had a lot of fecal matter at the top (beginning?) of his large intestine. The doctor was surprised to see this because of the fact that my huband had diarrhea for many days.

The doctor's consclusion was that for some reason (stress, change in routine, blah, blah...), the liquid part of the fecal matter was coming out but not the dense part, hence the diarrhea. So, basically he was "bound up". The doctor told hime to buy a bottle of a magnesium sulfate laxative to clear things out. He drank it on Friday night and had explosive bowel movements ever since. It is four days later and he still has frequent diarrhea and a full feeling in his stomach. As far as the red blood, the doctor said she is not worried about that because it would be black in color if something was really wrong.

What do you all think? I have been reading a lot about colon cancer and other bowel disorders, and have found that red blood CAN be a sign of something wrong, as well as the diarrhea and feeling of fullness. Can an xray show a blockage or growth in the bowel? Should we be worried about a bowel obstruction? My husband is 35 and in relatively good health. He loves running, however has not been doing so the last couple of weeks due to this bowel problem, and just having a lot of stuff going on.

We have had a couple of bad experiences at this clinic in the past. The only reason we go there is because it is covered by our insurance. We can still see other, "better" doctors, but the coverage is not that good.

Should I make another appt with the same dr, or should I get a 2nd opinion, or should I just try to make an appt with a GI spec?


Annie57 05-15-2007 10:55 AM

Re: For those of you who have had colon cancer...

I would get a second opinion. Your husband's symptoms could be a number of things but I was told whenever a patient presents with blood in the stoll a full examination of the colon is necessary.

I was dx with rectal cancer 3 years ago, I also had bleeeing and mine was red, not black. I told my family doctor about it and he told me not to worry. I then told my surgeon, who was treating me for breast cancer, about the blood and he is the one who said no bleeidng is normal and should be throughly investigated.

After surviving 4 primary cancers my best advice is to stay on top of every health issue and get tested regularly.

lalee 05-16-2007 04:53 PM

Re: For those of you who have had colon cancer...
I agree that you need a second opinion.

The only symptom I had before I was diagnosed with colon cancer was red blood in my stools. That doesn't mean that your husband has cancer - It could be any number of things but I think he should ask for a colonoscopy to see what's going on and to give him peace of mind. I find it amazing that a doctor should say only black blood would concern her.

You have to push for the proper tests and treatment. I was told I had internal hemmeroids but was not convinced so insisted I had a proper check and happily I am still here to tell the tale.

Good luck


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