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heyjude525 02-17-2008 08:28 AM

Stage 3 colon cancer can this be?
My sister who is 57 was just diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer with an
8cm "cancer mass". She had a colonoscopy 3 years ago. How is this possible?:confused:

flintrock 02-17-2008 10:30 AM

Re: Stage 3 colon cancer can this be?
Is it possible the primary cancer is somewhere else?? And it has spread to the colon?

heyjude525 02-17-2008 02:38 PM

Re: Stage 3 colon cancer can this be?
They say it is not in any other organs nor in the bones. She had a multitude
of tests including a Pet Scan. How the Oncologist described it was
" in the rectum, a bit north, into the sigmoid colon and most likely thru
the colon wall with a few lymph nodes affected "
Everything I've read says this is a slow growing cancer so I don't understand
how she can have such a large mass after having a colonoscopy just 3 years ago. I believe they said it was a squamous cell cancer...which I thought just
had to do with skin cancer...but guess not. They want to do chemo & radiation first before the surgery to shrink the tumor.

Nassau one 02-17-2008 06:54 PM

Re: Stage 3 colon cancer can this be?
It does sound unusual that in three years a large tumour could develop. I do think some are more aggressive than others and is it possible that it was missed during the colonoscopy? I have heard of this happening. Sorry this has happened to your sister.

Stitcher317 02-17-2008 07:21 PM

Re: Stage 3 colon cancer can this be?
What were your sister's symptoms? I haven't had a scope yet and I am 66. I have noticed some changes in my stools since Dec. and I a worried. I have a Dr's appointment next week......

My prayers are with you and your family....

heyjude525 02-24-2008 06:25 PM

Re: Stage 3 colon cancer can this be?
Her symptoms were upset stomach, constipation, pain in the rectal area
with pain running down her legs....she WAS in excellent health, no other
health problems...we are requesting her colonoscopy results be looked at again. She went to her primary care physician 2 weeks before she was
diagnosed and she told her it was stress and that she couldn't work 5 days a week and sent her home...she has a new PCP now...treatment begins in a week.

Nassau one 02-24-2008 07:59 PM

Re: Stage 3 colon cancer can this be?
I wish your sister all the best with her treatment. Please keep us posted.

music47 02-24-2008 09:05 PM

Re: Stage 3 colon cancer can this be?
My thoughts and prayers are with your sister. Please stay in touch.:angel:

Hugs Nadine

cynthiaf 03-04-2008 08:55 AM

Re: Stage 3 colon cancer can this be?
I know things like that happen, If the polyp is still small and under the lining of colon. I know they say that it takes awhile to grow, but sometimes things change quickly. I went in 2006 and go back in 2009. I'm worried about waiting 3 yrs to have another scope done because of this.

lilsunshine46 03-04-2008 06:53 PM

Re: Stage 3 colon cancer can this be?
I wonder too, I also had my last Colonoscopy 2 and 1/2 yrs and 5 yrs ago respectively. The 1st they found precancerous polyps and the 2nd none!Fast forward to now and I am falling asleep in the daytime, lost 15 lbs, having blood in my stool, constipation AND frequent stools if that is possible. I am beginning to think I might have an obstruction, I have really thin BM when it does come out. MY GYN was supposed to have given me a referral as we discussed this when I went in after I started bleeding vaginally after sex, and I am Menopausal so I {46} asked him , he said it wasn't his area . I also bleed after a BM, kind of weird? I dread the thought of going to see my PMP at the end of the month and then going to the GI Dr . If I need another Colonoscopy early I don't know if I am up for it, I am so emotionally drained with my son getting back from Iraq and possibily going back soon.

heyjude525 03-05-2008 04:12 PM

Re: Stage 3 colon cancer can this be?
Go to the doctor! You'll dread cancer much more...

lilsunshine46 03-05-2008 06:01 PM

Re: Stage 3 colon cancer can this be?
Tonight I had severe cramps and I hadn't eaten anything but my healthy sandwich for lunch and a glass of milk. This while preparing dinner, I thought I would keel over in pain. My acid reflux is also worsening, I think i mentioned wakingh up in the middle of the night choking on "vomit" from the acid. I do have an appt with my PCP now, then hopefully with GI afterwards. I will insist as I think something is really wrong. I am NOT looking forward to that prep thogh.

heyjude525 03-05-2008 07:31 PM

Re: Stage 3 colon cancer can this be?
I'd bypass the PCP and go directly to the GI...
EVERYONE hates the prep...but you do what you gotta do..

lilsunshine46 03-05-2008 08:51 PM

Re: Stage 3 colon cancer can this be?
I was going to apologize for taking up someone else's thread but it is yours, thanks for answering my questions. Since mine are similar to your sister's or almost. I had a bone tumor 6cm x 6cm 12 yrs ago , now AKA so I know how it is to fear any change in my status. I have had thyroid biopsiies PET Scans , MRIs CTs out the WAZOO for over 12 yrs now. Let's not forget my bone scans, some yrs I will have 2 a yr, I always have chest xrays twice a year as well. I could light up the sky at night I bet.THat alone could turn me into a hypochondriac HaHa! I also have epilepsy thrown in for fun.But I keep smiling as God would want me to.

ShearWonders 03-16-2008 04:10 PM

Re: Stage 3 colon cancer can this be?
Hello, I saw your post and felt compelled to write.
My daughter last October 29, 2007 was diagnosed with colon cancer. She was 24 years young at the time of the diagnosis. She turned 25 in January, the same month to start chemotherapy. She was, like your sister at a stage III. Out of 31 lymph nodes the doctor took out, one showed signs of cancer.

I wanted to share my story, to perhaps help you with your sister. I am 41..I had my daughter, she's an only child at 16. We are very close. At first, I was a complete basket case. I took the news a lot harder than my daughter, which is most often the case of the loved ones closest to the cancer patient. I could not look at a website for fear I would read something horrible.

I have handled this news a lot worse than my daughter. I have come around though. I have started reading and joining every website there is on colon cancer.

We, as a family were encouraged by Kristy's oncologist to run not walk to get colonoscopies, even though we were a cancer free family up until then.

I went and got my colonoscopy 3 weeks ago and it was fine. Thank God. Her fathers side of the family too, is cancer free. The doctors said this was a "fluke thing" that such a young healthy girl would get this type of cancer. My daughter has never eaten red meat since she got food poisoning from a burger when she was 7. She is a non-smoker and never ever took drugs.

Who knows why this happens. I just know that my daughter suffered for 2 years with lower abdominal pains that were mis-diagnosed with everything from lactose intolerance to female problems. I understand sometimes the first sign is a change in the stools. So, anyone attention to your body.

This is a very curable type of cancer. We have a wonderful positive outlook and I will keep you and your sister in my prayers. I know first hand how difficult this news is.

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