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LoudWhispers 08-10-2009 06:03 PM

Male 42 w/5 Polyps Removed
Hi all,

I have one first degree relative with colon cancer and several others who have had precancerous polyps removed. A blood test flagged anemia around the same time I noticed some bleeding, leading to a colonoscopy. You folks are the experts, so I figured I'd ask how unusual my numbers are. I know about the genetic disorder and understand that I don't have it. The polyps were adenomas (sp?) and I was told to come back in three years. I kinda got the impression that they don't see polyps in someone my age very often. Both the nurse and the Dr. made it a point to say it was a good thing that I came in early rather than wait until I was 50.

Just curious what people think.


vh90453 08-11-2009 07:40 AM

Re: Male 42 w/5 Polyps Removed
It's certainly not unheard of having polyps at your age. People much younger than you have bowel cancer. You are so lucky they found those polyps when they did as they are the type that have the potential to turn malignant. There is a strong genetic link with polyps, you don't have to have the bowel cancer gene to get them. It's important that any close relative of yours has a colonoscopy at an early age. I had 1 tiny one removed at age 55, my GI said my children should start having colonoscopies at age 40. Please make sure you have timely colonoscopies in the future.

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