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Bermuda89 02-24-2011 06:30 AM

MoviPrep not that bad
Just had my colonoscopy test yesterday. Had to prep with Movi prep you have to drink one liter (four eight ounce glasses) at 5 pm , then another liter at 9 pm. Was very nervous before taking this. Read reviews on other boards that this stuff was awful. Well if I can drink this anybody can. It taste like you are drinking salty lemons. I took me about five to ten minutes to drink each glass during the first liter. I also took fifteen minute breaks between each glass which you are suppose to do. Then at 9 pm started the second Liter, half way through the third glass I got sick. Stopped drinking it since It looked like I was all cleaned out.

Just wanted to give my opinion that this stuff is not as bad as people say. It is not pleasant but it is not so bad that you can' t drink it.
The test is not bad at all, you are sedated and kind of out of it. Hope this helps people having to take Movi Prep.

kjmiller 02-24-2011 07:26 AM

Re: MoviPrep not that bad
Glad you wrote a positive message about colonoscopy and prep. I, because of my cancer, have had to do this many times, and it isn't fun but really is not that bad and certainly nothing to worry or fear about. So maybe someone coming on this board in the future will read your post and not feel too scared.

Bermuda89 02-26-2011 05:32 AM

Re: MoviPrep not that bad
Glad I had it was afraid but like everybody said the prep is the worse. I am only 44 but had to have because I had some blood due to hemoridds. Doctor just wanted to be sure thats all it was. He said everything looked good, had no polyps. They took some tissue samples still waiting for results of those. Hope you are doing good KJmiller.

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