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dietpepsi 07-18-2012 06:20 PM

Weird aching in lower abdomen
4 weeks ago my mom went on vacation for 2 weeks so I had to cook and feed myself for 2 weeks. I know very little about cooking so I ate like crap. A lot of pasta, processed food, and fast food.

Then about 2 weeks ago, I started feeling a weird cramp/strain in my lower left abdomen and it hasn't gone away. I figured it was just a strain from squatting at the gym, or maybe even a hernia.

It doesn't "hurt" persay or prevent me from doing anything, and I feel it some days more often than other days, but theres definitely something "wrong." Sometimes I feel it near my waist, sometimes I feel it near my stomach, sometimes on my side. I've tried and tried to find a lump to see if its a hernia, but I can't find one, perhaps I'm doing it wrong.

At first I had some trouble with bowel movements, so I figured its just constipation cramps from poor diet. But now I can pass stools easily and the ache is still there. However, I feel as if I have to use the bathroom a bit more often, and when I do, the ache sort of gets better, but that may just be my imagination. Thats about it for my "symptoms" though. I don't have blood in my stool or urine or trouble passing gas or anything. It's just the ache

I feel it the most when I'm sitting, I'll feel a weird ache near the right side of my waist that worries me. It's been 2 weeks and now I'm worried its something more serious than I originally thought. I have a doctor's appointment but I cant help but worry. I was hoping it was just gas or something because of my bad diet, but after 2 weeks I'd think it would have went away already. I'm so afraid its cancer

I tried to delete this but couldn't find how, so I'm sorry for spamming your forum with this.

PeaceNLove7 08-06-2012 03:33 PM

Re: Weird aching in lower abdomen
Hello there...
if you had any stool come out or conspation? if so, try drink coffee or hot tea to muscle relax your colon to loose your stool out of you....sound like same problem i had when i eat awful foods left me with tight cramps with gas and bloat so i drank coffee or hot tea help me alot better but prepare to stay home that day.,..if it doesnt help, drink laxtive but it will be pain in *** so buy yourself baby wipe instead of toliet paper will feel like as if its newspaper cut your *** with it...just saying... welcome to my life! :[ if its keep going, you should see the doctor to get yourself a diagonse with IBD...if it get worse....youll get ulcerative colitis like me...

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