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lyndsayjade 09-09-2012 08:18 PM

small bowel polyp
I am 19 and have been having mild to severe abdominal pain for almost 4 years now. A few years back i had an upper GI endoscopy and everything was normal, and was told to live with the pain. In June of this year i had to get my appendix out and i was hoping that would rid me of this pain, but it came back a week after surgery. Recently i had another upper GI with a nodule found right above where my stomach starts. Then with pain still not going away I had a Pillcam done with a polyp found in my small bowel, the doctor told me "it could be nothing to worry about, but at this point i just don't know." so he said it needed to be taken out. though he told me its not whats causing my pain, it's not safe to just leave it. So i have to get a deep endoscopy done soon. is this something i should worry about? He didn't seem very confident about it being nothing.

janewhite1 09-10-2012 09:16 AM

Re: small bowel polyp
At your age, it's very unlikely to be a serious problem. However, you should get the polyp taken out, just to be sure that the polyp doesn't turn into something dangerous later on, since some types of polyps can turn into cancer eventually.

That's the great thing about the scopes: When the doctor finds polyps, he can take them out. When they're taken out, they can never become cancer.

So, get it removed, but don't worry.

MISSYJOY 11-30-2012 04:10 PM

Re: small bowel polyp
What did they say the reason for the esophagus nodule was?

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