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Hijikata 10-06-2012 03:10 AM

21 year old male seeking advice or anyone who is in a similar situation
Firstly, hello all.
Secondly, I do have a doctors appointment for all those just waiting to tell me to get an appointment! :D
I have lurked these boards for a number of years after developing some bowel problems in 2010. I have very inconsistent bowel movements in what they produce, but the amount always seems to stay the same (between 3-4 to sometimes even 5 or 6 bowel movements every day). They are barely ever normal and for the most part float between types 5 and 6 on the bristool (get it) stool chart.

Now I am a 21 year old male and I am obviously overly health conscious, for me to be lurking health boards on the internet :) My diet growing up was to be honest, atrocious. A lot off soft fizzy drinks or high sugar milk drinks, a lot of take away and barely any fruits or vegetables. Now that has slowly gotten better over the past couple of years (although what has always been my one vice which I haven't recently stopped after reading it was a huge concern in colon cancer - was pepperoni - i ate so much of the stuff it was't funny) But I'm concerned that with the duration of my symptoms and the fact that I have barely produced a single normal bowel movement in the past two years, that it was too little to late.

The stool itself Is either very mushy or comes out like little torpedos instead of in once nice motion. Sometimes i have a little pain while going which is instantly relieved once I have finished going. But the most annoying thing is the urgency in which I have to go. Somedays I will wake up and have to go three or four times in the morning before feeling as if the movement is complete and also oddly enough I will have to go at inconvenient times - before a job interview, before im doing something important basically whenever I tell myself I can not go, I end up having to go. It is especially annoying when I noticed it the other week driving to a job interview that I was running late for but ofcourse I needed to go and then had to hold in the urge for a good half an hour.

Good news is I had a FOBT run in april which came back negative (I have never noticed any red blood or black like stools - and trust me I have checked exstensively before (TMI), a CT scan of my upper abdomen and chest - obviously not of the colon (for an accident I had) and there was nothing abnormal on any of those scans (i had this done in April) and I also had a head ct for a concussion i had which revealed no tumors or anythign like that (done in July).

So basically, based on others experiences or research or the experiences of friends and family, would people say this sounds like colon cancer, ibs, a food intolerence or all three rolled into one? I know the symptoms for all three are almost identical and obviously I want some piece of mind but I would love some honest opinions from fellow bowel problem warriors such as myself!

Lollypat 10-06-2012 01:27 PM

Re: 21 year old male seeking advice or anyone who is in a similar situation
Personally, it sounds like stress-related IBS to me. IBS causes multiple movements a day and the more you go, the stranger the movement.

Be sure to see a gastroenterologist to rule out cancer, but I think - and I am not a doctor - that colon cancer is unusual in someone your age. Could happen, true, but I would think it unlikely. Still, see a,good gastroenterologist - a specialist. Have a colonoscopy, they are not so bad these days.

Good luck.

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