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Pambeytu 11-25-2012 04:09 PM

Worried please help
I have been on Bentyl for a while for what my doctor said was IBS and it was helping. For maybe two weeks now I have felt way different. Stool has been dark, looks black or a very very dark color. Can't tell if there's blood in the stool or not (can't tell if its like a dark maroon maybe?) and I have felt just like a sick feeling for two weeks. Hasn't been like this before. When symptoms like bloating first started in may I noticed the top left of my abdomen was out further and it's never been like that. Like my rib bumps out more than it has. I don't really have tons of pain, but just feel nauseous I guess and don't want to eat because it'll make me not feel well. I am starting to think this may not be IBS perhaps an ulcer. I'm scared of it being cancer. I am 20. Skinny guy weigh 125 roughly, it fluctuates. I need answers or opinions anything will help. Ask questions if you must I need help please. Stool has been lately dark, once a mix of green and light light brown, but dark is what I've noticed. Lately small pellets.

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