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beachbabe26 07-23-2011 09:46 AM

Burning Pain in Chest
My husband was complaining about this for months - he had lung cancer (stage 1b) 4.5 yrs ago - and also kidney cancer. He is followed closely, but no doc can explain this pain he has - had double bypass surgery last week, recovering well, but found 3 lymph nodes on his chest wall that came back positive. Has anyone felt a "burning pain" in their chest and been diagnosed with Lung Cancer? He claims the pain is gone (and Surgeon said it's because he removed nodes), and the Cardiologist claims that the burning pain was NOT from his heart? Pretty much I'm just rambling - he has a Pet Scan on Monday, and we meet with his oncologist end of next week. But the burning pain frightens me - does Cancer cause pain?

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