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lung nodule?

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Old 04-21-2004, 02:20 PM   #1
always confuzed
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always confuzed HB User
lung nodule?

hi all-
i posted on the lung problems sections earlier but thought id post here too.
ill explain everything first so as to get all the info out.
Some history-im a 28 year old female....smoked 2 packs a day for 14 years and also lived in my dads 2 pack a day plume of smoke growing up. In the beginning of march i have started to feel very run down, extremely tired and then started hacking up blood...shich lasted for a week. Went to primary doc. and got xray which was clear and told i have an infection and given z-pack.
I for some reason felt this doctor was off so i went for a second opinion. By this time i had lost all appetite and still having chest pain, no coughing, just hacking up nasty phlegm, tired and chest pain.
The pulmonolgist did sinus xray which was clear and cat scan that showed a 1.5 cm density on lower right lung. Nonspecific infection, altho he initally thought pneumonia. I was given another antibiotic and that didnt clear it up completely but its a lil bit better.
Had another cat scan last week and was told today that i have a 4 mm nodule adjacent at major fissure on right lung. He didnt say it wasnt a tumor or that it is. He said he wanted to see me on the 19th and wants to watch this nodule to see if it grows.
Now i have had an eerie feeling for a long while now that something jst isnt right. I had a lumpectomy of breast in dec. but i dunno if that may have anything to do with my lung problem.
There is also thickening apical bilaterally (right greater than left) but i dont know what that means,,if any of you do?
im having a hard time defining these terms....dang doctor language lol.

Redemostration of ill-defined soft tissue at anterior mediastinum, prevascular, which may be related to conglomeration of sub centimeter lymph nodes. I dont understand what this means either.
I dont see the doc till 19th but ive some questions. What do these things mean and what are my possibilites of cancer?
Is this nodule a serious thing if he wants to watch it?
thank-you in advance for any help u can give me!

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Old 04-22-2004, 05:51 AM   #2
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haylee31 HB User
Re: lung nodule?

I am not sure what all the doctors jabber usualy means

either. My husband also a smoker has a lung nodule that

was recently on a cat scan. His started with a lymph node

on his neck reaching the size of a baseball. The surgeon

is pretty confident his is infection also related to his neck.

They put him on 2 strong antibiotics and he goes back in

a week. The infection they think he has is more common

in the states of Ohio{ where we live } Ky and Tenn. Do you

live in or near these areas? It is fairly common if you do I

also have a aunt and cousin with nodules found do to the

same infection. Also TB could be a possibility they tested

hubby for TB and he was negative. I do know if you have

TB being tired and coughing blood plus the nodule would

fit for signs of TB. My husband did not have any of those

symptoms he just would run fevers. That made since after

I seen the gunk they drained from his neck ** gross}. I

wish you the very best and please keep updating on how

you are doing. Haylee

Old 04-22-2004, 06:20 AM   #3
always confuzed
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Join Date: Apr 2004
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always confuzed HB User
Re: lung nodule?

thank you so much haylee!
I'm sorry about your husband! But it was just infection and not cancer right? I hope not! I bet having it drained sure made it feel better though. I had initially thought tb myself but the doctor didnt seem concerned about it as he didnt test me or anything. I am in wisconsin. I told him yesterday that if the spot on the cat scan (1.5 density) looked better why do i still feel so crappy. No answer, suppose i will have to wait until my appointment.
I think my age throws them for a loop and it gets frustrating. My first doctor told me i was too young to have lung cancer. It made me kinda mad because i do realize the occurances of lung cancer in my age group is very low, but at the same time ive been a 2 pack a day smoker for 14 years and my dads smoking i lived in also....basically ive been in a cloud of smoke my whole life on top of my own smoking. You'd think that would put me right up there with the rest of em.
I guess i am just worried because ive had a bad feeling since before these lung problems even started that something just wasnt right. I was told 3 years ago that if i didnt quit id be dead before 40. I of course didnt listen to that because isnt that what all doctors say yenno. I have quit tho since i think it was december.
I assume 4 mm is to small to biopsy and stuff?

Thank you for your response, i appreciate it alot! I hope your husband feels better!

Old 04-23-2004, 04:36 AM   #4
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haylee31 HB User
Re: lung nodule?

Yes having it drained made the whole mass on his neck go

away. Although the surgeon still thinks he may need

surgery so it does not come back again. For it being cancer

he said 99.9 sure the neck was not cancer and 90% that

the lung nodule is not cancer. I like them odds He

had to cancel his last appt. do to court. He goes next Thurs

for results. I am not sure what size it has to be to biopsy.

I do know they do not like to biopsy the lung unless they

feel it to be very important / urgent. They watch nodules

in most cases to see if they grow. I think it they see

growth they will do the biopsy. If I understood hubby's

surgeon correct if its infection the antibiotics can make it

dissapear. When do you go back to the docs? I know with

my husband everything seemed to be all slow. Good luck

to you and let me know how everything goes. Haylee

Old 04-24-2004, 10:47 AM   #5
always confuzed
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Join Date: Apr 2004
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always confuzed HB User
Re: lung nodule?

i go back on the 19th, seems like years away. I am in college and we are in our last few weeks so I should be pretty busy with that to keep my mid occupied. Yes those are very excellent numbers and im happy for you both! Yes it has all been veryyyyy slow, since the beginning of March. Been on two rounds of antibiotics also. I know he said he wants to watch it and stuff and see if it grows, i assume using cats scans to do so. And whew are those things darned expensive! Cant believe a simple scan costs 1,300, highway robbery. At the same time though its nice to know that things are being caught that the x-rays dont catch, at least in enough time to give you good odds. That in itself is priceless yenno. One appointment at a time i guess is how ive got to look at it otherwise ill drive myself crazy. I feel bad for my family though because they just went through this with me in December with my breast. Thank-you for your help!

Old 04-25-2004, 10:42 AM   #6
Join Date: Mar 2004
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haylee31 HB User
Re: lung nodule?

I am sure everything will turn out fine. I am sorry you

have to wait so long that is the hardest part. The cat scan

is how they will determine if the nodule grows or not.

My hubby like you has been put on his 2nd antibiotic to

clear it if infection. The surgeon was upset at the 1st anti-

biotic they had him on because it was the wrong type for

this type of infection. That explains why he got no results

from it. This new antibiotics seem to be working good he

feels great . Hang in there Haylee

Old 04-27-2004, 08:26 AM   #7
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Re: lung nodule?

To Always Confuzed:

My dad was in the hospital recently with pneumonia and they did a CAT scan and found a nodule (2 cm) on his lung which they never would have found if he didn't end up with bronchitis that turned into pneumonia. Bottom line is they did a PET scan and that will determine if it is cancer or not. Unfortunately, in his case it is but the PET scan showed it hasn't traveled anywhere else, that's the good news. You may want to ask for a PET scan to ease your mind.

Old 04-27-2004, 09:07 AM   #8
always confuzed
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Posts: 134
always confuzed HB User
Re: lung nodule?

Thank you for your reply and I am very sorry to hear about your father. It's so good (if thats any comfort) that it hasn't spread anywhere, that must better his odds? I know i have heard that it can be benign or malignant, Im just worried cuz of everything ive been going through. Are they going to do surgery or put him on treatments right away? My prayers are with you and your family. I have heard about PET scans, wonder if they are cheaper than the cat scans and if they can tell using the PET on a 4 mm. I know that is very small, but why wait till it gets bigger?? The respitory prblems im having is what started all this...damn cigerettes. That was beginning of still tired but im also very stressed. Im not sick every day but more often than not, ive also this week developed a cough that is dry but i hack phlegm all day long. The part that bothers me most is the feeling that my bones hurt. My shoulders, right leg, my back and right knee. Doesnt feel like muscle, more like my bones hurt. Who knows, one thing after another. Sorry im in a mood today lol.
I am very sorry about your father though and i hope he does and is doing ok. And dont be afraid to come here to vent if you need to, its a good reliever. We are all here to listen. Does he know staging or anything yet? Gosh, my prayers are with you and your family and keep us posted! Take care.

Old 04-27-2004, 01:36 PM   #9
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haylee31 HB User
Re: lung nodule?

AMC, sorry to hear about your father is good they found it

early. I lost my father in 83 and my mom in 03. Just had

a scare with my hubby as well. I can relate to what you are

going through. With my mom all her symptoms kept being

over looked by the doctors as something else. She had

neck, shoulder, back pain for a year. The doctor kept

insisting it was just arthritis. She was getting sick alot and

very tired with a cough. The doctor gives her naseau pills

and those symptoms for 6 months. By the time a cat scan

was ordered for her it was to late. The cancer was in her

lungs, liver, kidneys and neck. It is treatable when caught

early like your father. My thoughts are with you and your

family. Haylee

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