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renee_ky 08-21-2004 07:57 AM

Mattie- Are you okay?
Hi Mattie- I have not seen you post in a while, just cheking on you.


Lady_J_1_01 08-26-2004 12:51 AM

Re: Mattie- Are you okay?
I havent been online, We have been moving, to a more suitable place, with all wheel chair access, and a ramp. It is a blessing for us really, more peace and quiet, a small town of 900, just 17 miles from where we lived. Monday the Dr. said the spot hasnt changed in size in the last month.He is to return in 4 weeks again. He is still weak though, and hurts allot on his right side, he stillstands bent and pulls or leans on things to get around.... I have noticed he "barks" allot more when he coughs, (almost choking) he says he swallowed wrong. He never use to swallow wrong....

Renee.. I take it a day at a time.. I still continue to work 2 hours away, but now he will have more calm (as he has wanted) outside the city. I am thankful for the good news, he will remain on disability (dr. said) Im hoping all the natural things he has used, and the mental things' truly are paying off. How is Scott?? how are you holding up? I think of you often. Mattie

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