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VolcomPat 08-23-2004 08:52 PM

What could this be?
I've been coughing up something very strange lately. It's kind of pasty looking, and I don't know what it could be. I'm a smoker so I'm kind of scared that I may have something really bad.

renee_ky 08-24-2004 07:20 AM

Re: What could this be?
Take a deep breath and don't panic. Coughing up pasty white stuff is not a symptom I have seen from my husband, who has lung cancer. The best thing you can do is #1 Quit smoking, reduce your chances, and #2 go see your doctor.

Good luck, I hope it is nothing. Please let us know.


rugrats4 08-24-2004 03:30 PM

Re: What could this be?
I have been having the same thing lately, I must tell you it scares me also. Mine is very thick and usually just a little bigger than than a pinhead, but it seems to happening more often. Do you have any chest pain to go along with it?

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