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RitaB 09-09-2004 09:37 AM

Sister's condition
Hi everyone! I have posted before, mostly about my sister who has non-small cell lung cancer (first discovered as a 9 cm tumor) and now it has masticized to her liver and brain. And since it has spread within the brain, all treatments were stopped and hospice was called in. She was working up until this time (in the cafeteria of an elementary school). Now that she has to stay at home, she is bored most of the time. Her mother-in-law comes and spends most days with her as she is not to be left alone (had a major seizure about 2 months ago). She is on anti-seizure medication and I think meds to keep brain swelling down.

But let me describe what my sister is like (in what is supposedly her last days). Her boredom says something about her condition - that she rather be out doing something than sitting at home. Then she has an appetite. If someone will take her, she loves to get out. Still goes to church on most occasions. Sometimes on Sunday nights, she'll stay at home. Mon morning when i called her, she was making a pot a of soup for a young mother in her church whose husband had died just the day before. Oh yeah, she went to that funeral yesterday. Her voice sounds strong. But there is some loss of motor skills in her hands and on occasion she will stop in the middle of a sentence and then start up again. She has a slight cough. Her face is quite swollen especially under the chin which her husband told us was blocked circulation caused by the cancer and the only other thing is majorly wrong is that her blood pressure is getting quite low - low enough to cause the hospice nurse who comes weekly concerns.

So, have any of you who have lost loved ones ever had to be this way toward the end? My other sister and I (and we both live out of town from the one that is terminal) believe now that one day she will go peaceably probably in her sleep. This isn't the way it was for my mother at the end so we are confused.

I would appreciate any insight you might can share.


RitaB 09-09-2004 09:42 AM

Re: Sister's condition
Oh yeah, we (my other sister and I) do take the fact that my sister doesn't seem to be suffering the way most cancer patients are as a gift from God and that he is sparing her the suffering and pain. So maybe we shouldn't question it. Just accept it.

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