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  • Am I being overly paranoid

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    Am I being overly paranoid

    Here is my situation. I am 33 years old, recently quit smoking (due to the stuff I have went through). Smoked about a pack a day for 13 years or less.

    About a month ago, I developed Sinusitis which, since I didn't treat it, lead to bronchitis. Before I was diagnosed with that, I was up one night in a coughing fit and decided to look up my symptoms to see what I had. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was lung cancer. I have been freaked out ever since.

    I went to a doctor (not my regular, just found one that was available ASAP) and told him my concern. He did blood work, all that and said it wasn't cancer that I had a touch of bronchitis due to sinusitis. He game me shots and meds to take.

    I was concerned he didn't do a chest x-ray so I went to my regular doctor. She did a chest x-ray, breathing tests and agreed that it was bronchitis not cancer.

    I started feeling better after a few days and by the end of the week the only symptoms I still had was a slightly sore chest. I went swimming that Sunday, did a lot of diving and swimming underwater, etc. At the end of the day, my sinuses were severaly congested. They lasted like that for several days and on Wednesday night they began to hurt. The next day I had a stopped up nose and drainage down the back of my throat. That Friday, I started my coughing fits again. I went to another doctor that Friday and he did a chest x-ray and blood work (WBC was 13) and he said I once again had sinusitis and bronchitis. He's deduction was I caught a form of bacteria that brought it back.

    I still can't get the obsession out of my mind that what if it is lung cancer and they are just diagnosing it wrong? I went to my regular doctor once again and she did a further examination and said it was sinusitis and bronchitis and usually one will follow the other. She told me that if there was any reason what-so-ever that she thought I should have a CT scan then she would set one up but she didn't think it was necessary. She told me we could schedule one for my peace of mind if I wanted one but she didn't see a need at all.

    I have been feeling better. I'm hardly coughing and when I do, there is very little clear phlegm, if any. Sometime a little yellow. I was feeling fine, convinced I didn't have lung cancer until the first cough I had this morning. When I spit onto a tissue paper, there was a small, square speck of red. I tried to smear it and it wouldn't smear. I took red cough medicine right before I went to bed last night. Could it have been just a dried piece of it form my throat?

    That really freaked me out so I started force coughing myself to make something else come up. I sort fo gagged and gave up (I know this is gross but I want to get everything out). A few minutes later I tried force coughing myself again and I had a small little glob od orangy red stuff in my spit (no phlegm). Once again this would smear like I thought blood would and it was actually a little solid. I remembered I had ate homemade vegetable soup the night before and it had large chuncks of stewed tomatoes. I compared the two (yes, this is how obsessed I have become) and they looked very similar.

    Am I just being overly paranoid? Should I just put this to rest and accept it is bronchitis and move on? I was fine until the two red things today. When they say bloody sputum, what do they mean by that? Should I go ahead with the CT Scan? Is it true the radiation in those can increase your chance for cancer? And what are the chances of having a false positive (meaning that they see something that isn't cancer but I have to go through a biopsy process to determine) How much do CT Scans cost because since my doctor doesn't think it is necessary I am sure I will ahave to pay for it out of pocket.

    Thanks for any help! And I want to say for all those that are suffering from lung cancer, the possibility of lang cancer or you have a family member suffering, I will add you in my thoughts and prayers.

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    Re: Am I being overly paranoid

    Try to relax and take a deep breath. The fact this started with sinusitis and now has become bronchitis makes perfect sense and if it was me I would not even be thinking lung cancer. Sinusitis usually causes post nasal drip that can allow the infection to drain down into you lungs and cause coughing fits ( also can trigger asthma attacks from the irritation of it if you are an asthmatic). That is very common.

    As for coughing up blood,if you are indeed having coughing fits the blood is probably from a very small blood vessel breaking and is nothing to be concerned about, the more you try to force a cough the more likely you are to see blood. Blood in sputum can also be from infections, or can be blood from broken blood vessels in the sinus or nose and the blood had dripped down your throat. People get upset when they see blood in their sputum but when it is small amounts like you are talking about it is usually nothing.

    If you were coughing up blood for many months then it might be something to be more concerned about such as TB or cancer.

    Some people see a little blood in their sputum and think they are going to bleed to death, trust me on this one when you get a bleed that is a deadly hemorrhage it is huge amounts and it is fast, even if you were in a hospital chances are there is nothing they could do in time to save you as it usually means a tumor has invaded a major vessel or something else has torn a major vessel and it usually does not start with a little blood today and a little the next.

    As for Xrays and CT scans, you want to be careful there as radiation can cause cancer especially lymphomas so it is not wise to get them done unless it is necessary(sadly alot of people that survive cancer later develop lymphoma from all the CT scans, Xrays and radiation they had to battle the first cancer). And yes they often see things on Xrays or CT's that are not cancer but may take a Pet Scan or biopsy to find out what.And yes CTs are expensive.

    I think you should listen to the doctors and give the sinusitis and bronchitis time to clear up both can linger for a few months so give it time.Sinusitis and bronchitis are alot more common then Lung cancer ( thank god) and it would only be very persistant bronchitis that doesn't respond to treatment and time that I would start to become concerned about as yes some people have been told they had bronchitis or asthma that turned out to be lung cancer but more often the not it isn't ,especially when it starts as sinusitis. Try to relax as stress will lengthen the recovery time as it effects your immune system. Thanks for your prayers for our loved ones as every prayer helps! Glad to hear you have given up smoking,as that is a very smart move on your part! JanMarie

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    Re: Am I being overly paranoid

    "As for Xrays and CT scans, you want to be careful there as radiation can cause cancer especially lymphomas so it is not wise to get them done unless it is necessary(sadly alot of people that survive cancer later develop lymphoma from all the CT scans, Xrays and radiation they had to battle the first cancer). "

    That is a real concern for me as I have had a total of 4 CT scans since last Feb. I chest and abdomen, 1 PET (uses ct scan for initial scan), 1 chest and 1 brain and sinus scan. I used to be a CT scanner FE in the 70's and we were told then you had anywhere from a 1 in 1000 to a 1 in 3000 chance of getting a fatal cancer from the scan and it might not show up for 20-30 years. I thought that figure would have improved by now with newer spiral machines but I just looked up some reports on the web that show the radiation from even the newer machines is very high. For instance, if you have a followup chest ct scan every year you have as high as a 1 in 50 chance of getting cancer from it. A full body scan on a ct scan is 1300 mr which is the same as being 1.5 miles from the Hiroshima blast and more than 6 times the amount we as scanner engineers were allowed to be exposed to in a year and still have that job. We wore recording dosimeters and if you got 200 or more a year you were no longer able to work with ct scanners. Even my oncologist tried to tell me not to worry about it but I got the impression that he really didn't even know the data. In 2004 there were over 5600 deaths in the US from CT scan induced cancers, I didn't want to have the recent brain and sinus scan done but with the symptoms I had at the time it seemed the best thing to do but I am now very concerned this will all come back to bite me very hard in the future.


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    Re: Am I being overly paranoid

    I think about the recurring issues arising from repeat radiation exposure..for instance..Bud has had 6 CT's of the lungs/thorax since Feb and this is before the bone scan and the head CT he has scheduled for tomorrow am...I think about the ramifications of having too much exposure to radiation....but it's either get the tests done (and that will possibly save your life now) or not. Gosh...what does a person do. God guide us in this maze.

    Love, prayers, peace, healing, and more love....


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