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turbo58 07-22-2007 01:21 PM

Decided on NO chemo, any suggestions
Hi. I am new here. I have Adenocarcinoma of Lung. Stage IIIB w/pleural effusion. After much research and all, I have decided not to do chemo. Does anyone here have any tips as to how to help lifestyle so to speak. I mean eating tips, vitamins, supplements etc for someone? I know I will go down hill but any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

eblguim 07-22-2007 03:40 PM

Re: Decided on NO chemo, any suggestions
I don't know if it will make any difference for you, but a good friend was diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer. After the surgery to remove a tumor the size of a melon, she opted for insuline potentiated chemo - it is called IPT - and after 9 treatments, strict sugar-free diet and many supplements, she is cancer free . The CA 125 marker that was 195 at diagnosis and shouldn't be above 30, came back at 11. She knows she is not totally out of the woods yet, but it is very encouraging, since the success rate with regular chemo for her situation was 5%.

I know that lotus powder tea helped my husbands pleural effusion. It is supposed to "dry" wet lungs.

The best of luck for you.

turbo58 07-22-2007 04:53 PM

Re: Decided on NO chemo, any suggestions
Thank you so very much. The tea I will definitely look into. I have read so many cancer forums and none that I have found yet, have a thread or topic for those like me whom decides to ride it out so to speak. I had thought that there would have been more on the subject. Your tip on the tea is what type of things I was looking for. Thank you so very much. I DO appreciate it.

eblguim 07-22-2007 06:25 PM

Re: Decided on NO chemo, any suggestions
there are also other teas, like graviola, essiac, and others that supposely combat cancer. I don't know how effective they are, but my friend is also drinking some of them. She is also taking Vit C drips.

My husband had a pleural effusion last year, and after a CT scan all the doctors said that he had metastatic lung cancer on both lungs. Since he decided he would not do chemo or radiation, he also decided he would not do biopsies to try to figure out what kind of cancer he has. I'm happy to report that he doesn't feel sick or has any symptoms and it's been 9 months. His pleural effusion went down to about 1/2. Besides the tea, he went sugar free for a couple of months and I gave him Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions very often - a gentle form of acupressure that is very helpful with cancer situation.

So there are people that choose no chemo, but I know it is not easy because the doctors always want to pressure him. He just tells him that if it is his time, then it is his time.

There are many alternative treatments out there and it is very difficult to choose. I hope you have some support in your search and journey.

Janmarie2 07-22-2007 06:29 PM

Re: Decided on NO chemo, any suggestions
You might want to check out the book Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin.He was the director of nutrition for Cancer Centers of America for 10 yrs . When my mom was diagnosed with NSCLC stage IV we tried to find info like you are looking for and it was very difficult, alot of sights do not seem to allow certain things to be mentioned. My mom did opt for chemo and lived 2.5 yrs .She decided to quit chemo afraid it was killling her faster then the cancer and she may have been right as the hospice doctor felt she had months left yet she only lasted about 6 weeks and died from what we think was a pulmonary embolism caused by inactivity due to the chemo. Best of luck to you and do stop by and let us know how you are doing. I will add you to my prayers as I really do believe they help. Blessyou, JanMarie

turbo58 07-22-2007 07:15 PM

Re: Decided on NO chemo, any suggestions
Jan and Ebl: Thank you for the input. There isnt much out there on trying to help yourself a little when deciding not to do chemo. I agree , that after all the research I did on it, that chances are sometimes it does kill you faster. And I just want it to run its course and God knows when Im ready. Putting all these chemicals in my body only to make me sick is not for me. I know I am sick and will die. I want to do what I can do now and down the road. Not chemo, only to lay and be sick ffrom it.
My search is for just what you have mentioned. Nutrition, vitamins, and any thing to make my daily living tolerable and even lessen some things that will happen. i hope i make sense here. And like I said, I havent found a cancer board that includes those of us whom choose this path.
Thank you so very much for your reply and suggestions. I will look into all of them and I will keep you posted. Bless you.

turbo58 07-22-2007 07:20 PM

Re: Decided on NO chemo, any suggestions
Ebl: A question please. Was there any particular reason for sugar free? I find that interesting. I know on my PET scan they use a glucose based dye of some sort. I am so glad to hear your husband was successful with the pleural effusion. Hope I can do that. I have such a terrible cough with lots of phlegm, mucous. Dr gave me Vicodin for cough. Helps some but it is so annoying. I cough till I gag sometimes. Thanks.

eblguim 07-22-2007 08:19 PM

Re: Decided on NO chemo, any suggestions
The no sugar thing is based on the fact that cancer cells have a high metabolism and consume a lot of sugar. I guess that understanding is used in the technology of PET scans and also in this alternative insuline potentiated chemo. My friend is doing the sugar free diet, except for some berries occasionally. My husband just says "nobody gets out of here alive - and let me eat what I want because I don't want to be disciplined about that", so he eats whatever he wants.
When he had the effusion and was coughing and feeling miserable, he started drinking that tea all day and it really helped, but it took probably a few weeks for him to stop coughing.

turbo58 07-22-2007 08:27 PM

Re: Decided on NO chemo, any suggestions
thank you. that does make sense. and I am definitely going to find me some of that tea. And "no sugar". See you have been a help already. Exactly what I have been searching for. Thank you sooooooooo much.

turbo58 07-22-2007 08:36 PM

Re: Decided on NO chemo, any suggestions
One more thing:
where do i find lotus tea. Come in bag, loose? Thanks

cjunior 07-22-2007 11:27 PM

Re: Decided on NO chemo, any suggestions
Hi there. You need to get in to see Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez in NY. He treated my friend who was given a death sentence 4 years ago. Dr. Gonzalez is treating him through supplements and a really strict organic diet and my friend is alive and well and training to run a marathon. He was diagnosed IIIB but turned out to be IV... ****** him. Some tips: All organic, no processed refined anything, no refined sugars, no alcohol and no meat at all. It is more complicated than that, but it has worked for my friend. Looks him up. Good luck to you. Christina

HELLASRULES 07-23-2007 03:35 PM

Re: Decided on NO chemo, any suggestions
Forgot somethingHi Turbo58
You are right! There is a lot of info out there on things that may help. As well as chemo, I am investigating alternatives. The chemo wasn't as bad as I thought, and while on it I started a walking program. Got up to 2-3 miles a day before I nicked my achilles tendon. But I started back up today. WooHoo!
I' m looking into anything and everything which boosts the nk cells and the body's immune system. Which I believe is a big factor in prevention, so why not in killing the monster too.
I have to tell you I didn't want to do chemo either, but it has changed a lot since my mom died in 78 from cancer. And although they are toxic, to not only cancer cells, but healthy cells too, I think it was worth going through.
I started out with a cough, but that is gone. (Well, honestly could be because I quit smoking in the begining of this too. LOL!)
The book JanMarie mentioned is great! I have that and just the nutrition help alone is great. ANd I believe nutrition is a big help to cancer patients. Although I thought a lot of it was a bit over my head as it seemed to medical/scientific in nature. (NOT one of my strong suits!)
I was reading something someone mentioned about the Budwig diet(?) although there isn't a whole lot of proof that omega 3's can prevent cancer, let alone cure it. I didn't look very far into it.
I wish you a whole lot of luck finding something that works. A cure has to come from somewhere, sometime doesn't it? Maybe you'll be the one to stumble upon it. We all sure hope someone does.
And don't forget the pomegranite juice.
Be blessed

turbo58 07-25-2007 03:12 PM

Re: Decided on NO chemo, any suggestions
Thank you for your input. I really do appreciate it. I am going to look for book. I was to onc today and signed off for no chemo. he is going to do CT in a month plus blood work and just follow me for now. He is a nice person. I asked him about things to do at home and he seems to be someone that doesnt believe in so called self help for this so I just dropped the subject. My blood work he said was great so far tho. Which is good. all is good and functioning. So for now its just go day by day. I am definitely going to try some of the things mentioned here. Hopefully some things will help. Am always looking for things to do while going thru this and like I said there isnt much out there. Thanks again and Bless you.

turbo58 07-26-2007 09:28 PM

Re: Decided on NO chemo, any suggestions
:D Well found the book Beating Cancer with Nutrition. It is on its way. Started no sugar diet too. having a little trouble with finding lotus powder tea. But will find it somewhere.
It is soooooo discouraging that you cant find info out there for those whom decide against chemo and such. WE need a little support too. Wish lung cancer boards would have a topic just for us so everyone else in same situation could exchange ideas or even some professional suggest things to help us along. Very discouraging for sure. But I do look everyday on the net to find something.
I have read many posts here and when I pray at night, I pray ALSO for those of you here going through chemo and any of you whom are not. Cancer is cancer no matter how you look at it.
My decision to not and let the good Lord decide my time. I am at peace with myself .
I just want to make every day living a little better if I can while I can.
I do believe nutrition has a lot to do with it.
I welcome all suggestions and if I find anything, I will certainly let all of you know.

Janmarie2 07-26-2007 10:01 PM

Re: Decided on NO chemo, any suggestions

I thought you might enjoy this. My mom was 80 when she learned she had lung cancer and being of that age group she had full trust in doctors and felt that what they said was what she had to do. I work with doctors and have for 25 yrs so I have a very different take and I feel our world is too over run by the drug industry so I have a healthy belief in alternative medicine. Mom's oncologist and I had several clashes one involving a product that I am not even allowed to mention here. I talked my mom into taking it and when she did she had even less bad effects from the chemo, had energy and felt good, well Dr. found out and despite her having been on it for several months and a good CT result he told her she had to stop taking it as it could interfere with the chemo, well he is the doctor so mom listened to him:(

Here is the part you might enjoy. My dad wanted my mom to look into Vit. C infusions or ozone theraphy. Well being who she was, mom decided she would run it by her oncologist, His reply was " don't do it, It could make you sick, might not work and might kill you" I laughed and said " Oh you mean it is just like chemo" :D ( Chemo can do all 3 too) he did not find that at all funny.He too was very unopen to any alternative treatments.

I was looking at an alternative medicine magazine at work and saw a book called " Definitive Guide to Cancer" put out by alternative magazine written by Lise Alschuler ND and Karolyn A. Gazella it says you can find it in bookstores and natural food stores.

I am glad you are at peace with your decision and have to say I do admire you for making it . I will make sure I send lots of prayers your way as I do believe that they can help. JanMarie;)

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