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Chance333 09-02-2007 09:40 PM

Prayers for Everyone
Hi, I just wanted to update anyone who has read my notes. My dad finished his radiation on Wed. Been very sick most days. He wanted to quit radiation last Mon when he only had 2 days left, because he stayed so sick. We told him he needed to go. Didn't make him to happy, he doesn't like being told what to do. He doesn't always think positive. He always sees his glass as half empty instead of half full. HE is a wonderful man but and would do anything for anyone but he gets discouraged. I can't blame him. I can't say I understand how he feels because I don't, not until someone tells me that I have a year to live can I judge him. I only know how it feels to be the daughter of someone who has cancer. He starts chemo on Tues, Taxol and another drug for 5 hours every 3 weeks. I hope he does better with this than the radiation, though I am told taxol makes alot of people very sick. I have been asking everyone if they know ANYTHING about stage 4 nsclc. This is so new to me. But then I remember that it says that Jesus knows what we ask before we speak it and I think that Jesus is saying why are you asking everyone else, I have done told you it will be ok. I pray for my dad several times a day as I pray for everyone who has any kind of cancer. Please anyone who will keep my dad in their prayers as I keep all of you in my prayers. I do believe that this can be beat. You hear so many sad stories but there is always hope. I won't give up on my daddy ever. He would do the same for me. I look at him and I can tell he is sad. I ask him the other day if he had been praying and he got a little angry and he said yeah, have you and I said yes everyday! I asked everyone I see to pray for him, because I know miracles do happen. I know the doctors have to be honest but it makes me so mad about how they just blurt it out like nothing. You feel like your world is falling apart and they just seem so calous. THey should offer some hope. There is people who go into remission but the first doctor that told my dad was you have stage4 cancer and we say you might have a year. Another doctor said 6monthes to a year. How rude to offer no words of encouragement. There should always be hope no matter how small. I tell my sister that my dad will go into remission, that's all there is to it. Before I done some reading I would cry all day long over what the doctors had said. But there is success stories so everyone hold on. Think positive because there is hope!!!!!!!!!! My dad doesn't get on the computer or read much but I do try to tell him of the positive stories I have read. I don't know if he believes them because he is just going by the doctor's words. But I do believe these stories. I hope for many more... I will keep everyone in my prayers and please pray for my daddy. Thanks to everyone:angel:

HELLASRULES 09-06-2007 07:15 PM

Re: Prayers for Everyone
Hi Chance
Your dad is in my prayers and I pray that the chemo is as kind to him as it was to me. I had the taxol/carboplatin combo every 3 weeks for 6 treatments. Chemo day was a long one with 5 hours of infusions plus seeing the doctor, blood tests, and all the setting up the chemo. And then I still had to wait for the bus/van home.
In the beginning it was hard to tolerate because it was such a shock to the body. (I had cyberknife radiatin to my brain prior to the chemo) I made myself keep a normal schedule. I got up every day, showered, got dressed, even went outside for awhile, even just to do a short errand. I did not want to lay on the sofa and watch TV all day. Make sure he keeps up with the nausea meds and if they aren't working, call his chemo nurse and see if he can get something different. I used compazine and zofran for 3 days after chemo, then just compazine. Oh and I discovered (at least for me) I felt better if I kept food in my stomach. So never let the stomach get empty or it can become really nauseous. (HAHAHA, I gained 15 pounds!)
I think my body became used to the chemo and keeping active and eating the whole time was a plus for me. I hated losing my hair, but it started growing after #4 treatment.
Sending your dad all the prayers for healing I can.
Be Blessed.

gary51 09-07-2007 06:42 AM

Re: Prayers for Everyone
Hi Chance,
I will definitely keep your dad in my prayers. I am a follower of Jesus who has just been diagnosed with stage IIIa NSCLC. As I lay before Him the requests for my healing, I will ferverently remember your dad and especially you. God bless you and may He give you the peace that comes only from Him.

gary51 09-07-2007 06:49 AM

Re: Prayers for Everyone
Hi Chance,

Just wanted to recommend two books for you to read because they have been so precious to me in my circumstance.
The first is "A Season for Hope" by Michael S. Barry, Cook Communications Ministries, 2005.
The second is "When God and Cancer meet" by Lynn Eib (a survivor of advanced colon cancer), Tyndale House Publishers, 2002.
And if you would like a New Testament compiled for people in our circumstance, I would suggest "He Cares" also by Lynn Eib.
You will be in my prayers.

HELLASRULES 09-07-2007 01:25 PM

Re: Prayers for Everyone
Hi Gary51
I want to thank you for those titles. I'll definetly look into them also.
Weird...i lived in Lynn 17 years ago. Maybe it's the air or something?? HaHa.
Somedays are a struggle of faith, but He is always with us.
Sorry you were diagnosed also. I'll be praying for you also.
Be Blessed

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