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what can I expect when I die of lung cancer

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Old 05-16-2010, 06:23 AM   #16
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Re: what can I expect when I die of lung cancer

Hi I can relate im brand new to the board today. Im a 55 year old male Smoker on and off since ii was a kid Longest i quit was for 5 years But a stint in rehab 3 years ago ( oxicotin for IBS what a joke) got me hooked again. My lungs have always been sensitive to smoke. I couldn't ever smoke a pack a day they wouldn't let me so ive always been about 10 a day.But recently ive been up to about 16. Ive cut back over the last few days to about 9 or 10 because of the cough. About ten years ago they saw a spot but it turned out to be nothing ( thats when I quit )Over the last year or two so I have had occasional bad pains in my mid lower back when im in bed. It wakes me up in the am but once im up im ok. I know its my lungs. I also dropped about 25 #s a few years ago but have put half of it back on but I dont have the appetite i use to I just crave sugar thats it. A week ago someone bought me regular cigarets ( two packs) instead of lights and i couldn't even finish the second pack I was coughing so hard i broke into a sweat. I had to take some zanex to calm down and it helped. I use to have a smokers cough in the am thats it now its all day but worse at night. Ive been trying to hide it but people are starting to notice. I watched Gran Torino last night and it was erie. I tried covering up my coughing during the movie with my fiancees friend who is a nurse sitting next to me I could tell she was noticing. Im not coughing up blood Im not coughing up anything yet just coughing loud and deep and wheezing. I HAD to get up this am because the pain was so excruciating in my back.It normally goes away if I just get up but not today took about an hour and some pain meds and a zanex and i can still feel it two hours later. Im scared to death I recently got divorced after 28 years and am engaged to be married next spring. I cant deal with it any more i confided in a friend the other night that i thought I was dying. My family history is horrible ( diabetes thru out the family Im borderline, heart disease My dad died at 47 from diabetes and heart and 3 brothers with cancer 2-prostate and1-with throat -my twin)But everyone is fine and in remission.Im calling the doctor tomorrow he is a trusted friend thank god. I didn't want to put my fiancee thru this crap But i have to face the inevitable I screwed up I got a chance ten years ago and blew it. And if your one off those anti smoker zealots please dont come on here and tell me how stupid I was.I already know.And Now i may pay for it with my life. My mom smoked for 65 years she is 88 she quit about 15 years ago and it saved her life and she smoked 2 packs a day of benson & hedges. I was able to kick Oxicontin ( pharmaceutical grade heroin that i didnt know ) and alcohol ( piece of cake) Cigarettes are chemically engineered to make them the most highly addictive thing there is except crack cocaine i think. Its evil If the govt. really cared they would Ban them instead of stupid pot . But they make Billions of us poor fools that cant give it up. I honestly dont know how much fight i have in me.I guess Ill find out .I had to give everything to the ex and now im going to leave my fiancée with nothing s we were getting ready to start a new life together but suffering and heart ache. It sucks I have no delusions Most people die from lung Cancer . A co worker s wife just was diagnosed last month and had had surgery already But she has emphysema and there is no cure for that, My aunt died from that horrible disease. I think its a matter of how hard you want to fight and at what price and quality of life . There ive said it Ive admitted now maybe i can do something about it and stop the denial and maybe save my life Its the 1000# monkey in the room now Everyone nows im not right , on edge withdrawn.feeling sorry for myself and cursing myself for putting my fiancée thru this crap to come. I just know it in my bones i have cancerWhen they told me i had a spot ten years ago i knew I didn't then i was tested again about 4 years ago top to bottom with CAT scans about 6) looking for cancer My doctor told me he was sure I had it. He actually told me you have cancer we dont know where it is But they couldn't find it & he gave me a clean bill of health. Thats why I feel so sure now I think it was there lurking the whole time I hope im wrong but I cant live in denial like this anymore Its time to face the truth Ive been a coward I should have gone last year when the back aches started
Best of luck to you and your husband Sorry if I rambled on here i have a lot on my mind as im sure you can appreciate I feel like its my first step in confronting my fears even if its is annoumously

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Re: what can I expect when I die of lung cancer

Originally Posted by aawaltrip View Post
my husband is 59, has been coughing up blood, and smokes 2 packs a day, he has had unexplained back pain for about a year, and is naturally thin, but is getting thinner, his pants just hang on him, he cannot go one night without taking a motrion before going to bed because he is in such pain, he drives truck 13 hours a day, now he tells me he stopped coughin gup blood, but the er doctro found a spot on his lung and nodules, doctor told me it was early warning signs of lung cancer, but my husband doesnt know that, I have to get him to a doctor, but he refuses to go, said it will cost to much money, he needs a pet scan and a biopsy, the spot concerns me, please someone write back if they can help, thank you!!
Hi - I hope you will tell your husband that the ER doctor found the spot on his lung - if you haven't already. Money isn't worth one bit as much as health is. I'm guessing he's afraid he'll learn something he doesn't want to know...however, you can tell him that I have a nephew who is 55 who started out with throat and tonsil cancer and is now cancer-free, after having chemo and radiation; also, he recently had to have part of his lung removed but it turned out not to be cancerous - rather a kind of infection.
I just heard from his wife that he is getting better and better each day.
Cancer isn't a death sentence! Letting it go because you are afraid of it is definitely a death sentence in the end. He needs to know the truth and that having the PET scan, etc. could save his life if he doesn't wait! Mabent

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Re: what can I expect when I die of lung cancer

Hi all,

I have Stage IV NSCLC with Malignant Pleural Effusion, diagnosed in June, 2006. The supposed prognosis was 2 to 4 months at that time. After four years I've learned not to worry about prognosis -- just live and give thanks to God for every new day He gives me.

Anyway, here's a page I found that describes all (most?) of the things that can occur during the last days of life for a lung cancer patient. Please don't get discouraged as you read this page. It's a list of all the things that might happen. Everyone is different. Some patients will experience some of these things. Some will some others on the list. Some will pass peacefully, experiencing none of them.

I hope you find this helpful. Here's what I did with it. I copied each thing into a Word document, along with the list of options the doctors should consider. Then I said which one I want them to use. That way, if I can't speak for myself, my written instructions are there for them. I had my lawyer incorporate these instructions into my medical advocate -- my brother.

This way I will receive the treatment I want rather than what some doctor who doesn't really know me chooses for me.

God bless all of you and give you His peace.

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Re: what can I expect when I die of lung cancer

I cannot say what will occur when you die of lung cancer, but I do know you're still alive and where there is life there is hope. I read recently, as crazy as this sounds but it was doctors reporting this...get fresh asparagus. Steam. Blend with water to make thick gruel. Take two tbls 2x a day. Also, It has been reported peaches and plums kill breast cancer cells but no other cells! Why not lung cancer cells? The Chinese have herbs and treatments for lung disorders. Do you eat great amounts of fresh veggies and fruits?
I know this is a terrible place to have Cancer, but miracles do occur and sometimes in the strangest ways. Choose a color that has to do with healing...the blues, greens, white light. Picture a cloud of this color around your head. Breathe that color into your lungs. Do this as often as able. Picture your lungs filled with this beautiful color or light. As to dying? Try not to think of it. BUT....years ago I cared for an elderly woman. Feeding her one morning she pushed the food away. I heard the 'death rattle' I cradled her my arms. At the moment her spirit left her body the room filled with a haze and I saw three figures reach out to her. I saw her arms go upward. It was two women and a man. I could not believe my eyes. i was astounded and deeply moved. They say you are never alone at death. I believe this. Blessings.

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Re: what can I expect when I die of lung cancer

First of all don't think that you're going to die! They have made long strides toward
putting lung cancer in remission. Other new treatments are very sucessful! Please seek these out. Chemo is no picnic, but when they tell you they can't detect the cancer anymore its a pretty incredible feeling. A positive additude is imperative. God Bless you, and I hope whatever TX you chose, I pray is a success.

Old 07-14-2010, 11:38 AM   #21
ruby and buddy
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Re: what can I expect when I die of lung cancer

Hi there. Am so sorry for what you are going through. Iv not long lost my mum from small cell lung cancer. Am so devastated. She was dignified throughout. My mum was in a hospice for 5 days before she died. And i have to say, the staff were amazing. My mum had maximum pain relief, and was comfortable til the end.She was 59, which is just far too young. I hope you are well taken care of. That is every ones right. Be strong and fight like you have never fighted before. Thinking of you. take care x

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Re: what can I expect when I die of lung cancer

I'm afraid I can't say what you can expect when you die. Unfortunately no-one knows what death feels like since no-one can come back to tell us.

All I can say is, as an athiest, what you can expect is nothing. That can be seen to be morbid and damning, but think of it the way I do.

There will be no more pain, no more worry, no more fear.

I would guess that death feels much like going to sleep.

You drift off peacefully, and after that, anything could happen.

All I can say is don't be afraid, death is a part of life. If you believe it's not the end, then it isn't. I can assure you, it will not hurt.

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