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mustwin09 12-17-2009 08:45 PM

non calcified lung leison
My ct of the chest showed 2mm noncalcified leison to the upper top portion of my rt lung.
How should I go about treatment at this early stage?
Should it be of concern at this. I've had 4 mri in the past 2 mths and the last one showed the leison

bt8425 12-18-2009 03:10 PM

Re: non calcified lung leison
Hi Mustwin, you don't mention what has been suggested for treatment or follow-up. 2mm is to small for PET scan to pick-up. In my case and others I've read it's normal to wait another three months and have a new CT to determine growth if any. In addition if that's the course you take I would suggest taking antibiotics two weeks prior to the next scan to rule out infection etc. More times than not these so called nodules are gone or benign. You don't mention your history and risk factors, they also come in to play. Once again though 2mm gives you time to follow again in three months. Keep us up to date, you are in our prayers, Bill in S.Jersey In addition I suggest taking Mucinex daily to loosen up any junk you may have a hard time expelling.

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