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romadomi718 07-12-2010 09:05 PM

my mom going for a bonchular scope
:confused:my mom has emphasima and copd we had to take her to the er because she was having a hard time breathing, she also was coughing up blood not alot but it was there for about a week. now the dr gave her a cat scan and they told us she has a mass blocking her airway in her right lung, they also said they feel 99.999 its cancer 1 can a dr tell by a cat scan that my mom has cancer. wed they will be doing the broncular scope and biopsey but they told us that it is aggressive can they tell with the cat scan...we didnt tell my mom yet me and my 2 sisters feel we will wait till the biopsey is back.i really cant deal with this i feel like im losing my best friend she is my strenghth and i love her so much. how do you tell someone they are dieing i dont think i can do this the dr said surgery is not an option as with her ehasima and copd she will never make it through surgery what can i expect please someone tell us.

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