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nitney 04-03-2012 10:43 PM

Im 25, Smoke 1pk per day, could this be lung cancer? Please Help
Hey! I am new to this site but am glad that i found it. I am 25 years old and a mommy to 3 (7,5, 4mth) wonderful children. For a few months now I have had pain between my shoulder blades. Sometimes it feels like i just need to pop my back, I also have the same kind of pain in my Neck. I have to pop my neck now to get any relief from it. I also can press on my chest on the left upper side and can actually feel the pain in my left shoulder blade. Anyway, recently I have been having some wheezing in my larynx on inspiration and deep expiration. I get short of breath pretty easily, but I thought it was due to asthma. Now I am experiencing like popping bubbles (maybe like rice crispies sounds - thats how my lung feels) in the left lower lobe on deep inspiration. This only lasted but a few minutes but I am in nursing school so when I felt it I grabbed my steth. and listened to what I felt. Well, When I breathed in very deeply it almost sounded as if someone was saying HHHHHEEEEEYYYYYYY. and started softly then got really loud. I immediately started to deep breathe and cough and after a few minutes it went away. then I felt it and heard it in the LLL. I just went to the doctor about 3 weeks ago because I was feeling terrible and had a horrible cough, mild temp, muscle cramps, and this same pain minus the stuff I can now feel in my lungs. He said I had a URI and that at that time my lungs sounded very good. I was prescribed a Z pak which didn't work. I have brownish colored sputum but not everytime I cough. And I don't have like a persistant cough so to speak but it is very dry. When I lay down I cough bc I cna't breathe. I have been trying to quit smoking and Today was my last day. I am really freaked out about this. I read all this stuff and i just wonder, could i have LC? or could it be something different. I will say that I had to have a C-XR in August of 2011 for TB test because I was pregnant and they didn't say anythign to me back then but I can remember having heavy lungs back then...... Can Anyone who has some knowledge please help me?

janewhite1 04-04-2012 12:50 PM

Re: Im 25, Smoke 1pk per day, could this be lung cancer? Please Help
Even among smokers, 25 is very young for lung cancer. You might be dealing with asthma or some sort of bronchitis or chest infection, though.

The neck and back pain may be unrelated to the lung problem.

Quitting smoking will probably help with your lungs. (I know, you already know that! Still, it is one more reason.)

Go back to the doctor, tell him you still have some lung issues and now noises. If necessary, see a pulmonologist, that is, a lung expert.

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