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tweedledum 08-23-2012 03:21 AM

Post lower left lobectomy
Hello all:)this is my first post since under going lower left lobectomy for carcinoid lung tumour. I wanted to share as prior to surgery many post I read were both informative and actually encouarging too. My surgery was performed 18th June 2012, just like everybody who gets informed they have tumour I was petrified and my mind went into overdrive like I never knew it could. On being advised best treatment option for me, was lobectomy I want to run as far away as possible and just not deal with this health issue at all. thankfully the little bit of sense I keep in reserve, always, finally kicked in and having researched and read helpful posts from others who had been through same procedure I went for it too. Without doubt day 2 after surgery was like..... OMG how will I ever be the same again. Pain was fairly controlled by medication but I did feel awful, however each and every day there after things just got better & better. For me I would say first 4/6 weeks not feeling great and truly believed I would never have decent night sleep again. Now I am 11 weeks post op, I am up and about and feeling so much better. The weird sensations under breast bone continue as does my automatic desire to place my left arm underneath breast to relieve these sensations, not a good option as arm gets painful and stiff. I am not pain free by any means but I am able to except where I am in the recovery process, which will be different for each of us. I would say that exercise of the arm on the side of your lobectomy is really important. At first I found it almost impossible to raise my left arm, and infact I left off doing my exercises, not good idea. I guess my real message to any one waiting for such surgery is this. You will make it, you will feel pain and numbness, and uncomfortable, however recovery is only weeks/ ok months away, and truly how you in initially feel will fade.
My diagnosis. T1NO best possible news, so no further treatments just follow up scans, thank god. Best of luck to you all and sinere thanks to those of you who do post and share, as I found the boards most helpful.


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