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odsoju 01-04-2013 12:22 PM

PET finding
Recently had a PET scan due to nodule found on x-ray prior to lumber surgery (28 Nov 2012). Would like any insight from others who may have had the same/similar findings. I'm being referred to an Oncologist for further study.

Moderate FDG uptake in left upper lobe, measured uptake value is 3.9, nodule measures 1.5cm, no change from CT scan performed 30 Nov 2012.

Two adjacent 2-3mm apparent satellite nodules located slightly more inferiorly in the left upper lobe with minimal FDG uptake noted. These were not apparent on CT scan.

Marked FDG uptake in lymph nodes in the aortopulmonary window and left suprahilar region. Measured uptake value is 7.2. lymph nodes increased in size from the CT scan, now measuring 1.9x1.1cm, increased from 1.4x0.6. Minimal FDG uptake in nonenlarged lymph node in the right paratracheal and pretracheal regions. There is mild FDG uptake in a lymph node in the inferior portion of the left hilum.

Any info or experience from others would be appreciated, thank you.


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