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balkanman 04-04-2013 06:09 PM

Left side chest and back same spot persistent pain - PANIC FOR NO REASON?
I have been having this constant relatively light pain on the left upper side of the chest for about a month and a half. I also have similar pain in the back aprox. on the same hight. I noticed it in the first place in the morning if I sleep on the left side when it gets worse. During a day usually gets better. It goes down/away with advil. I can also feel it if I pull my shoulder back which stretches my chest. The pain rises in intensity if I poke around and push the area. I cannot really pinpoint the exact spot.. I run on a regular basis just ran a marathon 2 weeks ago no problem. No other health issues. I have strains and similar all the time and this does not feel like that and they dont last this long. Could it be some nerve strain ? No difference if I take deep breaths or similar.
Thanks in advance

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