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collegegrl 07-25-2003 06:47 PM

oral cancer maybe???
i've posted stuff on other boards about this but maybe u guys would know more. i just got these red little bumps in the back of my throat-like the roof of my mouth-today. i had them for a week like a month ago. my gut feeling is that its a reaction to starting smoking because thats when they come but i dont know if its cancer or something. the first time i got them i had started smoking before and then i quite for a few weeks and they went away in a week. now i started the past few days again and now they're back. i'm just scared because it might be cancer or something. i do drink alot so i'm wondering if maybe the drinking and smoking mixing just isant taking well-plus my room is really stuffy and dry so maybe my throat is just dry. i dont know though. if its cancer they wouldnt have gone away though right? please any responses would be great! i should add i just got diagnosed with HPV and i know that increases cancer risks. but maybe i'm worrying myself sick about all other diseases now after hearing this that this is in my head. i mean maybe its just my throat not liking my stupidity in inhaling smoke and its nothing:/ please help!!

collegegrl 07-29-2003 02:26 AM

could somebody please just tell me the signs of throat or tongue cancer?? every website i look at confuses me because everything can be signs of other stuff and i just need to know if i have cause to worry! pleeaaasse just let me know!

projapoti 07-29-2003 07:47 AM

Oral cancer is usually very painful, the lesion will bleed and ulcerate. What you have sounds more like just an irritation from your smoking and drinking. I know it's hard, but try not smoking for a day or two and see if the irritation goes down. If it doesn't, you might need to go see an ENT specialist. It still is probably not cancer, but it's something you need to get checked out.

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