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bubles089 05-19-2011 08:52 AM

Mass Found on Parotid Gland on MRI
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I am a 25 year old woman with bad TMJ. I had a MRI of my TMJ on friday and saw the doctor monday. They told me I had to have surgery ( nothing new I had it before) but that I had a mass on the posterior part of my parotid gland. I work at the hospital and was able to see the scans. The radiology department wont read the scans because they said the quality is poor( which it really isnt) The mass is not palpable. They told me I had to have a biopsy of it but it has not been scheduled. I cant sleep because I have nothing but questions about what this could be. Can someone help me shed some light on it. I have some MRI images but for somereason some didnt get emailed.

Beelucious 02-13-2012 07:53 PM

Re: Mass Found on Parotid Gland on MRI
I was diagnosed with a Parotid tumor (Pleomorphic Adenoma) in early 2010 at only 20 years old after finding a hard mass near my jawline, I also have had TMJ in the past when I was a teenager (untreated, I opted out of having surgery). I went through the whole agonizing process as well, I actually had to wait three months to see a ENT to perform the biopsy (I live in Canada) and to top that all off I was treated worse than a dog during the process, I was phoning frantically to my Doctors office to find out the results but no one would tell me anything and I had several receptionists just hang up on me (typical, well for the Canadian system) - they made me wait six weeks for the biopsy results before I found out it was benign (Though it still requires surgical resection) as the lab forgot to declare my test results to me doctor, and like you I also could not sleep worth a wink before the results and burst into tears every couple of minutes just thinking about ''what it could be'' I feared the absolute worst at the time thinking I was headed for a long hard road of chemotherapy, radiation, multiple surgeries and ultimately death. Just know that 80 percent of Parotid gland tumors are benign and the odds are very unlikely that it will come back as a Carcinoma (Cancer) less than 8% (if that gives you any comfort), and it might not even be a tumor and could very well be just a salivary gland stone. I really wish you the best of luck!

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